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UK's only full-size World War II German U-boat

Discussion in 'WWII' started by Warden, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. Warden

    Warden One Too Many

  2. Smithy

    Smithy I'll Lock Up

    I can't say I'm hugely impressed that they're chopping her up. But I suppose the new location and spruce up will mean more will see and visit and remember the men who sailed in them.
  3. benstephens

    benstephens Practically Family

    I think in many ways it is a good idea to chop it, there are a lot of hidden elements to a submarine that one never sees when they are just put on display in complete form.

    However, one thing that may be lost is the feeling of Claustrophobia?

    Kindest Regards

  4. Staredge

    Staredge One of the Regulars

    Yeah, I think I could have lived with them cutting doors in the side to allow people in easier than I can handle them chopping her up. It does make it a little easier to understand the whole pressure hull/outer hull relationship, but a good computer program can do that just as well.

  5. benstephens

    benstephens Practically Family

    How many people have access to modelling programs showing submarine dynamics?

    Anyway, it was rotting away where it was, and I suppose it would need a lot of room for it in a museum to display it as a whole.

    Kindest Regards

  6. Warden

    Warden One Too Many

    I guess this gives it a new life, but sad that we have to write "and then there was 3"

  7. Staredge

    Staredge One of the Regulars

    Your average tourist doesn't need dynamics....a really good cutaway is about all they can handle, & then only if they get a chance to spend some time looking at it (or actuallySPEND the time looking at it)

    I agree...at least it still has some sort of life, other than going to the breakers.

  8. Twitch

    Twitch My Mail is Forwarded Here

    What a cop out to cut it up! The Chicago Museum of Science and Technology has an identical Type IXc sub that is an integral part of their exibits http://www.msichicago.org/exhibit/U505/index.html instead of a rusting afterthought cut up.

    They'd be far better off to just sell the whole boat to someone who wants it as an exhibit instead of scattered parts.

    I've been on many a WW II sub and yes you do need to experience being confined inside the boat for a true feel of being encased in that tube.

    Whoever is in charge of the U-534 obviously neglected her for decades and now they attempt to make her a dog and pony show illustration for somebody's drafting board animations.:rage:
  9. dakotanorth

    dakotanorth Practically Family

    Cutting up the sub?

    But, if they don't cut it up, where will they put the Starbuck's bar or the WiFi cafe?
    Yeah, I'm grumpy today.....
  10. With so few left intact in the world, it's a shame to cut it up instead of finding a way to preserve it intact, or find a buyer interested in doing so. I agree with those above that have said to be inside a U-Boat gives one a much truer feeling of the confined spaces. Fortunately, for those interested in U-Boats there remains the U-505 in Chicago and U-995 in Laboe and a couple of smaller type boats in other locations around the globe.
  11. What Chicago did with U-505 must be the best treatment I have ever seen! I have to get up there to see it.
  12. Twitch

    Twitch My Mail is Forwarded Here

    There are only 4 U boats existing in the world with a 5th being restored.:( Cutting an already restored one up is like imagining there were just 4 Dusenbergs left and some museum decided to cut one into pieces for schmucks to view easier.
  13. benstephens

    benstephens Practically Family

    It would have gone to the scrap yard had it not been cut up. There are not many musuems or enough space to display something of this size in its entirety. It is a peice of the past that is now open for all to see, and not just those with the ability to be able to crawl down hatches etc.

    I accept it is rare, and I can see how those with an interest in submarines would be upset to see it's originality destroyed, but it may also open up a whole new part of history to those who otherwise would not have gone to see it, or never have been able to see it if it had been scrapped!

    Kindest Regards

  14. Twitch

    Twitch My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Boats can be displayed OUTSIDE! There are many old US fleet boats on display outside in the USA!
  15. TailendCharlie

    TailendCharlie One of the Regulars

    Damn the torpedos!
  16. It was revenge. They missed it in 1943...

  17. Warden

    Warden One Too Many

    Another U boat story.

    A German submarine wrecked in the English Channel during World War I has been moved to deeper waters to reduce the risk to passing ships.


    See BBC news report here
  18. Why not have a submarine weekend?

    Submarine enthusiasts who want to have the complete (or, at least, US and German) experience can fly into Chicago and tour U-505 at the Museum of Science and Industry, then rent a car and drive up to Muskegon, Michigan and spend the night on the USS Silversides (SS-236) a surviving, intact Gato-class submarine docked in our channel. I've done it, and it's not to be missed.

  19. DeaconKC

    DeaconKC Guest

    David, thanks for the tip on the Silversides! I didn't know there was a Gato that close. Gonna have to read U505 and Pigboats again.
  20. We are fortunate enough to have one here in Cleveland, still intact, The U.S.S. Cod. I've been on it a number of times and it's always fascinating.
    There are links to what looks like every other submarine museum on the web page.

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