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Very unusual 1941-dated Donegal tweed sportcoat

Discussion in 'Vintage Finds and Deals' started by Mario, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. someone's tried moving the buttons to tighten the front. bad idea.
  2. Mad would that jacket too.
  3. Moving the buttons to tighten a jacket doesn't seem to be all that unusual. Only not THAT far. That way it really looks like a DB without the second set of buttons... ;)

    The best thing about that jacket is the fabric anyway. I've been looking for stuff made from similar kinds of fabric for ages.
  4. dogrocketp

    dogrocketp One of the Regulars

    I've been waiting 2 months for the seller to send me a leather jacket I purchased from him. He has great clothing, but is highly unreliable to deal with.
  5. Johnny J

    Johnny J Fedora Lounge Artisan

    Thanks for the heads up on that seller.
  6. seabass

    seabass Call Me a Cab

    I bought a couple item's from him,
    bad at communication doesnt answer questions,
    careful A lot of his Sleeves are very short.
    & yes its shipped from Australia,
    But he sure does take his time to just get it to the PO.
    But the items were nice that i recieved.

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