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Vintage Movie Posters-Modern Movies

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by flat-top, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. flat-top

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  2. I would pay nearly anything to see a Nimoy version of Die Hard.
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  3. alanmills90

    alanmills90 New in Town

    That's Great Work First Look I literally Though inception is a remake
  4. Vera Godfrey

    Vera Godfrey Practically Family

    These posters are amazing. Would love to have some as wall art.
  5. Benzadmiral

    Benzadmiral Call Me a Cab

    I suggested Sinatra as the lead in the other "What If . . ." thread. (It makes a kind of sense. Sinatra played the role of Joe Leland in the film of "The Detective" -- Leland was the hero of the novel that became "Die Hard.") Do you mean Leonard Nimoy as Hans Gruber the villain?
  6. Located in the International Spy Museum. Washington, DC[​IMG][​IMG]

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