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Vintage Movie Posters-Modern Movies

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by flat-top, Jan 17, 2012.

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  2. I would pay nearly anything to see a Nimoy version of Die Hard.
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  3. alanmills90

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    That's Great Work First Look I literally Though inception is a remake
  4. Vera Godfrey

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    These posters are amazing. Would love to have some as wall art.
  5. Benzadmiral

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    I suggested Sinatra as the lead in the other "What If . . ." thread. (It makes a kind of sense. Sinatra played the role of Joe Leland in the film of "The Detective" -- Leland was the hero of the novel that became "Die Hard.") Do you mean Leonard Nimoy as Hans Gruber the villain?
  6. Located in the International Spy Museum. Washington, DC[​IMG][​IMG]

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  7. Just stumbled across this one for "only" $3500, but what a poster:


    The fact that Tallulah Bankhead gets top billing is fantastic as it's basically the only movie I know of hers and she's fantastic in it. Other than that, she seems to be an early version of a someone who is famous for being famous. And "Tallulah Bankhead," really?
  8. 3fingers

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    She was a stage actress far more than movies. She was also extremely sharp witted, promiscuous and liked cocaine and booze. When I think of famous for being famous people such as that insufferable brat Paris Hilton or the wretched Kardashian clan come to mind, not Tallulah Bankhead.
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  9. A friend of mine who had been a Broadway ingenue in the thirties used to love to tell the story of how Tallulah propositioned her one night, -- they were in "The Little Foxes" together -- but she was such a naive young thing at the time she didn't understand what was being suggested and just nodded and smiled. Later she found out what the deal was. She sent this in to "My Most Embarassing Moment" in the Daily News, but for some reason they didn't publish it.

    Tallulah had a longstanding relationship with, of all people, my favorite loudmouthed second-banana comedy star Patsy Kelly. But she also required poor Patsy to work as her maid to earn her keep around the house.

    Tallu was also famous in the Era for being the New York Baseball Giants' equivalent to Hilda Chester, and for being the daughter of Speaker Of The House W. B. Bankhead, who never tried to rein in her very public antics because he knew when he was overmatched.
  10. I'll defer to both of you as I don't really know that much about her, but she always seems to hit my radar in a famous-for-being-famous way, but that is not a fair way to really judge someone. And since I (to be honest) don't like the theater, if that's where she did her serious work, it's my fault for not knowing about it.

    All that said, she hit almost every note perfectly in "Lifeboat." It's silly to complain if someone can pay more than you can for something - it's a fair market for movie posters - but a shame that the demand takes them out of the affordable range for many of us.
  11. By her later years, the drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes -- she smoked a carton a day -- had really done her in to the point where she had descended into self-parody. She was the character model for Cruella DeVille, and by the end of her life she looked a lot like her.

    Lifeboat is a great picture. The only time and place that Tallulah Bankhead, William Bendix, and Canada Lee ever could possibly appear in the same production.
  12. 3fingers

    3fingers Practically Family

    I'm going to have to find the movie somewhere now. It also has William Bendix in it, who I know played Babe Ruth and had several good roles, but he will forever be Chester Riley in my mind.
  13. He's basically playing a slightly edgier Riley in the film -- Riley on a lifeboat with Tallulah Bankhead. Irving Brecher probably kicked himself every day of his life for not thinking up an angle like that.
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  14. I've said it before, but if William Bendix ever got hit in the head in real life, one-tenth the time it happened to him on film, he'd have been dead in his 30s.
  15. Hmm, all this speculative casting is making me think it might be worth continuing to refine the parlor game I thought up, "Who Shall Be John Logie Baird?"
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  16. And who could they get to play Stookie Bill?
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  17. Lady Elaine Fairchild, natch.
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  18. [​IMG]

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