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Vintage neon signs

Discussion in 'The Golden Era' started by Blackthorn, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Forgot to post this one I took last week. They leveled the old building, and built a new one, but kept the old sign.

    Alexandria, VA. Route 1

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  2. Stearmen

    Stearmen I'll Lock Up

    Krispy Kreme didn't last very long out here. No one I meant liked them, soggy and way to sweet! I almost typed SWEAT, Freudian Slip I suppose! ;)
  3. Chesapeake Beach, VA

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  4. Nice!!!! Don't see too many 'motor courts' around these days. Is the place still up and running?

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  5. It sure is. A bit rough, but its open.
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  6. Blackthorn

    Blackthorn My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Saw this within the last few months but I've been so many places that I just can't remember where it was:

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  7. ⇧ That martini glass with an olive on a toothpick is awesome. Also, nice architecture on the building itself.
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  8. Blackthorn

    Blackthorn My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Thanks FF, and I just found another recent one, this one I do know was in Eureka, Nevada:

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  9. Two great additions, Blackthorne.
  10. Blackthorn

    Blackthorn My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Thank you, Harv.
  11. BlueTrain

    BlueTrain Call Me a Cab

    We were in Denver last weekend, staying in two different modern hotels; one in Golden, the other out near the airport. However, on the way from one hotel to the other (we wanted to spend the last night close to the airport), we drove out what I think was US 40. There were dozens of old-fashioned motels (motor hotels). But I don't remember any distinctive neon signs. Signs for pot, yes (18-medicinal, 21-recreational).

    No other neon signs come to mind but one sign I saw as a child I remember very well: "Cross the Bridge and Save a Dollar." It was in Bluefield, West Virginia. It was advertising a furniture store on the other side of the railroad yard. Don't know if it was neon or not.
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  12. cigar joe

    cigar joe New in Town

    I love old Neon been collecting images for years. here are a few:


    Hoboken, NJ

    Seattle, Washington

    Albany, NY

    Havre, Montana

    Crosette's Mobile with an approaching forest fire, Ellensburg, Washington

    Manhattan, New York City, NY

    Eng's Kingston, NY

    The Iron Horse, Hudson, NY
  13. Blackthorn

    Blackthorn My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Great pics, Cigar Joe!
  14. Willybob

    Willybob One of the Regulars

    It was cool to see The Sportsman on page one. Its where I live... Sonora...not The Sportsman...I don't live in The Sportsman. Many do....Not me... . Done quite a few firearms transfers there. Tis a small world.
  15. Blackthorn

    Blackthorn My Mail is Forwarded Here

    A few years ago my wife and I had a great few days in that beautiful town. I got such a kick out of that bar.
  16. VintageEveryday

    VintageEveryday One of the Regulars

    I know this isn't a neon sign, but it was too gorgeous not to post: an original Art Nouveau storefront near Harvard college in Cambridge, MA nouveau.jpg
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  17. VintageEveryday

    VintageEveryday One of the Regulars

    Not sure how old it is. Could be newer than 1950s, but it's a visually pleasing sign, I think. T CvO1qBuUsAIk7bp.jpg aken in Allston, MA.
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  18. VintageEveryday

    VintageEveryday One of the Regulars

    found this gem in Cambridge. The store still exists, but this is the original sign. ee.jpg
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  19. Front Royal, VA. A small town in the Shenandoah Valley, about an hour from home. Working here today. Seen this old abandoned lot for years, and finally got a chance to take a pic of this cool sign, or what's left of it.

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  20. ⇧ the star says space age to me, but I know others are much more knowledgable about all this.
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