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Vintage washing machines?

Discussion in 'The Golden Era' started by tuppence, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. tuppence

    tuppence Practically Family

    Does any-one use a vintage washing machine. The type that has a wringer.
    How much extra work is it?
  2. I use an Easy from 1934 -- it's more work than an automatic, you can't just throw your clothes in and read a magazine till it's done. To do a white load, you need to fill the tub (using a hose or a bucket if your machine doesnt have a pump), add soap, run the washer for five minutes or so, wring, drain the tub, refill with rinse water, add bluing and vinegar, rinse for for five minutes or so, wring, drain the tub, and then hang the washing on the line.

    If you do a mixed load, you separate the white and the colored, wash the white load first, wring and put it aside. Then wash the colored load in the same water, wring, and drain. Do the same thing with the rinse water .

    Using a wringer machine puts you right up close to the job -- and if you empty the tub by draining into a pail, you can forget about needing to join a gym to tone your arms. And it uses a *lot* less electricity and water than any modern automatic.

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  3. :washing:

    Whoever gave it its name was an optimist. The description of the steps required to use the "Easy" washing machine made my head explode. :faint:
  4. Easier than this:

  5. hubbit

    hubbit New in Town

    Yeah, I think even the most die-hard fan of vintage-style living would probably opine that washboards are better suited to jug bands today than laundry duties. :) (We just moved out of a circa 1936 house we were renting whose basement had a large two-basin concrete washing sink, with built-in washboard. It looked formidable, but with three teenagers I opted to avail myself of the late-model washer and dryer sitting next to it.)
  6. When I lived in the Amazon, and did my clothes washing in the river, I used a washboard and bar-soap (mmm Fels Naptha!) to do all my laundry...and lets just say doing sheets that way...sucks.

    The 'Easy' would have seemed like a modern marvel!
  7. I can remember my mother scrubbing diapers on a washboard. This may explain the tensions that have long existed between her and her children.
  8. Whatever next, Vintage Dentists!!!!

  9. tuppence

    tuppence Practically Family

    Thanks for the run down Lizzie. It helped me to decide to buy it.
  10. Tuppy I'd be interested to know what your day to day experiences are with the washer. Please keep us posted.
  11. tuppence

    tuppence Practically Family

    I'm picking it up Sunday, not sure when I'll manage to set it up. I a bit worried about how to fit a doona cover through the wringer. I'll try keep you posted.
    Lolly your hair looks gorgeous
  12. tuppence

    tuppence Practically Family

    Lolly, I bought a Stampco very similiar to this one
    and I love it!!!
    I can't find much info on it though. It has a gentle and vigourous wash and drains really well when you move the lever, so isn't too much of a hassel. It's pretty quiet as well.
  13. tuppence

    tuppence Practically Family

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