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Vinyl record sales increasing

Discussion in 'Radio' started by Cousin Hepcat, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. Cousin Hepcat

    Cousin Hepcat Practically Family

    Vinyl record sales increasing? :) Yup. Many of the new bands are making vinyl LPs and 45s again. And, sweeping new vinyl reissue programs of classic jazz, rock, pop albums. Thoughts? Anyone else noticed this? If we can get them to bring back 78s... :rolleyes:

    Even picked up a few, when I recently started listening more & actually finding some modern bands I like: LOVE that "new record smell" when you first open the shrinkwrap, it's the closest thing I have to a chemical dependency. ("No man, you gotta hold it in...")


    Records' time to spin again: Vinyl albums make a comeback with younger music listeners

    Back in the groove: record industry is returning to the days of vinyl

    Don't call it comeback

    British Are Serious About Their Vinyl (Vinyl Comeback or Nevergone?)
    (Noticed many of the singles, even American bands, are marked as made in the UK - explains the small center holes)

    Swing High,

    - Cousin Hepcat
  2. Now that I've painstakingly built up my CD collection over the last 13 years!

    Records are coming back!

    Oh well, I still have a few of the more collectable LPs from my collection in a box somewhere.
  3. Atomic Glee

    Atomic Glee Practically Family

    I don't have a lot of new records (mainly old ones), but one I did get was Brian Wilson's SMiLE album, on extremely high-quality vinyl, and it sounds fantastic. You forget how good a vinyl record can sound if you're just used to scratchy oldies.
  4. Samsa

    Samsa Guest

    This is good to see. I still buy records from time to time (always used, though, not new), and am constantly listening to records from my father's LP and 45 collection. Vinyl records definitely have more soul than a CD, tape, or an MP3.
  5. More soul, yes. But they are bloody annoying to deal with. LPs get scratched if you look at them wrong, and they are hard to store and hard to play single tracks from.

    78rpm records are much better.
  6. Yes, if only it were possible to get new 78s! It would likely be too expensive to produce them in large amounts and maybe impossible to make them of the same materials...but wouldn't it be nice. As great as it is to be able to have a collection of 78s on CD, I'd take them on 78s if I had a choice. Nothing like that sound (especially when played on a tube phonograph).
  7. Tourbillion

    Tourbillion Practically Family

    Oh dear, I may have to get that new turntable after all. I know that some of you like the hisses and pops, I prefer a clean vinyl (or in some cases shellac) sound.

    Here is my dream turntable (only USD$15,000) The ELP Laser Turntable:


    " Laser stylus reads record grooves using light, not a needle
    No groove contact, no record wear
    Pure analog playback
    Easy to use
    Accurate and musical"

    My non-laser dream turntable (a piddly $1200):

    * SPEED RANGE 16 - 90 RPM (fully variable of course)
    ****with optional accessories*****
    * Stanton 500ALII w/LP & 2.7 mil "78" stylus (2 - 7 gram tracking) - $89.00.
    * Vertical Play Head. Stanton 500ALII with 78 stylus in vertical wired headshell. - $150.00.
    * Stanton 680HIFI w/elliptical LP & 2.7 mil "78" stylus (1.25 gram tracking) - $155.00.
    * Shure SC35C w/LP & 2.7 mil "78" stylus (4 - 6 gram tracking) - $80.00
    * Extra SS78 "78" stylus for SC35C - $25.00
    * Grado DJ100 w/elliptical LP & 3.0 mil 78 stylus (2 - 5 gm tracking) - $65.00
    * Rek-O-Kut Archival Reproducer Kit - $450.00
    * Spare headshell - $30.00
    * Esoteric Professinal Moving Magnet Preamp - $79.00
    * Gemini PA701 rack mount stereo preamp -$165.00
    * Disc Stabilizer Clamp - $39.00

    and the one I actually might get:

    The Rondine Jr. http://www.esotericsound.com/Turntable_Rondine_Jr.htm

    only $295. :(
  8. My exhusband owns a successful music business, and yes, there has been an increase in bands producing vinyl LP's. Some, like the Cramps, never stopped.
  9. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    WOW Only $15000 for no pops! Thats a steal! Oh wait, there are CDs for that, never mind ;)

    My bro is a dee jay (not DJ, but the fake kind :) ) and a lot of DJs I know are requesting vinyl for mixing of new songs and such. Im sad to say, II think its a novelty. I dont think it will get past the eclectic musical aficionados.

    Then again, maybe it shouldnt.

  10. I never stopped buying vinyl, although for many years until internet shopping and auctions entered my life the pickings were slim. I'm very pleased that vinyl has made a comeback as it means that there are now some new releases that are available on the big black plastic - for a long time the only choice was CD or cassette, and cassettes are rubbish. If I have the choice between vinyl and CD for a new release I'll buy the vinyl.

    It's interesting that there are some releases that are vinyl only. Sales will obviously be limited, but because of its rarity vinyl isn't as disposable as CD so the records will generally be sold to people who actually care about the music. There's a young British band called Kitty, Daisy & Lewis (the link is to a myspace page that's very slow to load) whose debut single was released last year and was vinyl only - it was a cover of Honolulu Rock-A-Roll-A which I think was an old Moon Mullican hit. It's a fantastic record and was cut when the band were aged 11, 16 and 14 respectively. Despite being vinyl only it picked up a lot of good reviews and got a fair bit of radio play.

  11. It's been done before: http://www.timshome.com/css/default.htm#singles

    There are a few new Edison cylinders out there too.....Now, if someone would do new Diamond Discs.
  12. You have to not only consider the expense, but also find someone with the skills to run a 78 RPM lathe. I was talking to a guy at work who has a friend who is apparently the only person left in the UK who knows how to cut a 78. It's a dying skill.
  13. nightandthecity

    nightandthecity Practically Family

    my eldest son has released several vinyl discs, both solo and with his band. He's a hip hop deejay and on that scene it seems vinyl rules. He has a bigger LP collection than me, and that's saying something.

    I listen mostly to vinyl and 78s. I prefer the sound, and I like the more "hands on" experience.

    It isn't widely realized (i.e. the industry hasn't exactly publicized it) but CD has a limited lifespan, thought to be about 15-20 years. That's right, your wonderful CD collection is going to oxidize and become unplayable. So find the guy Salv mentioned and transfer your CDs to 78pm now!
  14. What's his name? Or rather, what's his professional name? My friends son only listens to hip-hop - and hates his dads taste for Smooth FM - and I like surprising him with snippets of knowledge about the UK hip-hop scene. I got to know a UK engineer/producer called NoSleep Nigel who has worked with a variety of UK hip-hoppers, and my friends son was very impressed when I casually mentioned that I had been out for a beer with NoSleep.
  15. Ah, 78s sigh
    My oldest brother inherited the family wind-up victrola and all the albums. His wife put a lamp on it ... it's a crime! That's a working antique, not a tall end table for cripes sake! Someday I'll find a way to rescue it through trade.
  16. At least they didn't gut it and make it into a storage cabinet.
  17. Serial Hero

    Serial Hero A-List Customer

    I knew CDs were just a fad
  18. magneto

    magneto Practically Family

    78s? What about the pure sonic quality you get from a 16 RPM record? ;)
    I've been buying (and selling) vinyl all these years, but the records just got older...nice if it's coming back into vogue I suppose...
    Hmm, I have one 78 (looks) it's red vinyl put out by the "Cambridge Institute of Los Angeles, Calif" called "Weight Reduction--an educational course of instruction". Probably not sanctioned by Cambridge University.
  19. Tourbillion

    Tourbillion Practically Family

    Also, I like that 78's don't skip, but the shattering is truly heartbreaking. :(

    Personally I load my favorite CD's on my computer with a current play time of 112:12:40. I think that means 112 days, 12 hours and 40 minutes. Yes I realize that this is 6 gb, but I can back it all up if necessary.

    I just need a way to put my 2 orange crates full of shellac and lp's on my computer. I need that transcription turntable!

    I've seen bands putting out vinyl, and sadly, with my turntable on the fritz I haven't been buying. The question I have is do any of these new bands have any music on vinyl or otherwise that I want to listen to?
  20. I have an Esoteric Sound transcription table (I used to do professional transfers of radio discs for an archive), and it was well worth the investment -- with one of those and a good selection of styli, you can handle just about any analog disc format that exists.

    Eight milk crates full of 78s in my bedroom closet. It's a wonder I have any room for shoes!

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