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Wholesale Denim Jackets

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by fl&wvmike, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Wholesale lot of 47 vintage denim jackets & women's shirts for $250.00 cash. Almost all being Levi, Lee and Rangler. Men's women and children sizes. In this lot are 5 women's denim shirts, 3 outer wear women's shirts and 3 red, white and blue (4th of July) women's outer shirts. The remainder. being denim jackets. New info. ....... I will arrange for shipping on these jackets. Some cool stuff !
    All on hangers.
    MIKE :)
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  2. BTTT - New information - I will arrange for shipping on these denim jackets.
  3. Bttt

  4. Someone could easily get $20.00 ea, for these in any shop, flea market, etc. Even one is of Motorcycle style.

  5. One last chance to get this real bargin - About $5.00 ea.
    MIKE :)
  6. is there a reason you weren't able to sell them at a shop or flea market?
  7. I have never set up at Flea Markets and I haven't carried them around to shops. I just collected them, over the years, from daily visits to Salvation Army stores, etc.
    I am more than happy to show them at my home in Daytona Beach, Fla.
  8. Any one interested ? I'm going to put these away until next Fall and let someone take them to a Flea Market, or give them to the Salvation Army. I won't be interested in getting them out again, after I box them up and store them in the attic. Last Chance !

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