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Wow, maybe they are starting to get it!

Discussion in 'Hats' started by JCBurns, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. JCBurns

    JCBurns Familiar Face

    Well, I found this on the Askmen.com website in their fashion area under "Clothes Big Boys Don’t Wear" article......

    "To a female, baseball caps signify an adolescent attitude, so if you’re attempting to attract a woman of legal age, forgo the cap in favor of more fashionable headgear or a stylish haircut. Hats can be a fun way to add flair to an outfit, and since bad hair days are a reality for everyone, try swapping your cap for a more au-courant cover-up, like a trilby."

  2. It's a start.:)


  3. Undertow

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    Yeah, it will really pick up after the Indiana Jones movie comes out. Then it will burn off like rubbing alcohol on cement. Bam, no one will want to look like Indie and us fools who still wear "old" hats will be right back to where we started.

    Or not.

    *crosses fingers for classic hats to come back for good
  4. Well, the Indy comments might be irritating, but if I have to be pointed at and called a name; Not such a bad option in the end. [huh]
  5. I think I'd rather be called Indy than "Gangsta".
  6. This article is on the right track in that a lot of men do dress like boys. You notice it when you see young couples out together. It's much more the thing for the woman to wear something special, or even a little dressy, than the man. The difference is that they don't think they're dressing like boys. They think they're dressing like men, and that being a man means never dressing up outside of work and special events. And up to a point, they're right. The signifiers of masculinity have changed - we've had, what, 3 generations of post-60s sensibility?

    There is a kind of blue-jeans, working-class "authenticity," even if it's fake authenticity, that is widely considered to be more manly now than a mature sense of style. The dark, power suit will always be manly of course, but in the way a uniform is manly. It represents a role. When you take style out of that role-playing function, men (at least the men writing to the AskMen comment board) get uneasy, and start thinking "they want us to dress like homosexuals," or at best, "they just want to sell us things."

    And say what you will about the gangsta look - it definitely does represent a role, and an unambiguously masculine role. What it's not is a positive role. It's about toughness and being top dog, which, for a lot of guys, is apparently enough.

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