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    New Aero Website looks Great!!!

    Ordered on 14/09, confirmed 27/09... one piece is awaiting production (unfinished horsehide western shirt) and another is held in production and awaiting materials (Seal Vicenza type III). A bit bummed to see other orders moving faster but that's the way she goes I guess.
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    Aero Leathers Horsehide Trucker 38

    What type of Aero horsehide is this jacket?
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    Aero leather Highwayman

    No, still available
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    Aero leather Highwayman

    Yes, this can be arranged
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    Aero leather Highwayman

    Hello there, I'm selling my Highwayman in nearly new condition. It's a very nice jacket but the body is sadly a bit too short for me. Details: • Maker/Model: Aero Leather Highwayman • Size: 44 • Leather: Seal Vicenza horsehide • Price: 480 € + shipping • Location: Belgium, Europe •...
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    Choosing the jacket

    another suggestion: A Simmons Bilt jacket in their Elk leather. Thick leather but very soft and pliable, I can imagine it is warm and very tough. Line the jacket with wool or shearling and I can imagine this is what you are looking for. Initial mails can take a bit long (around a week) to be...
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    How many new jackets do you have coming (and how many potential ones)?

    Put my order in for an Aero Highwayman in seal vicenza leather on 25th of october and got a shipping notification yesterday. I was expecting a 16 week wait but this exceeds my expectations. Also in the process of ordering a Simmons Bilt tailgunner in Blattwerk brown.
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    Field Leathers

    A quick question: when ordering a jacket from Field, is the full payment required up front, or a deposit + balance when ready?
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    New Ladies and Gents Step Forward

    Hi, 36 years old and from Belgium. Joined to learn about leather jackets, such a wealth of information here! I'm allready into boots, and knowing myself I'm guessing jackets will come next..
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    Simmons Bilt

    I ordered a jacket from the outlet yesterday. First leather jacket, price was right so this seemed like a good introduction.

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