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  • Hello Monitor, Can I reach you by phone to discuss how to handle the purchase of the jacket? Sorry I do not know if there is a private PM function in this forum.
    is there a place where you and I can PM privately? Its about a jacket i tried to buy from one of the FL members.
    Thanks alot ! Good to hear that the "common" places are not laughed at by "the natives" ;-) Yes, your seaside is just great. No sand beaches but crystal clear water and a great region for snorkling ! Again, thank you for your feedback !
    Hi Ivan, just a hint: In the thread "what jackets on order or planned" you posted a photo of a movie scene. When clicking on it and looking at further pics there's one showing your full name and your Croatian address. I dunno if this is what you want everybody to see ;-) Cheers, Roger
    The Hamburger
    The Hamburger
    Well, I guess there's "quite a few" nice CRs you'd miss ;-)
    But, if I may ask, which place in Croatia do you recommend for hols ? I've been to Porec twice (well, typical German tourist ...) and like your country and love the food. Any recommendations ?
    Thx !
    I've just put the whole thing on private. Been meaning to do that for a while but never took the time to figure it out. Thanks again for reminding me! :D
    Hm, I guess I can always recommend the standard places such as Dubrovnik, Plitvicka lakes and a few islands but those are so overcrowded with tourists that the best time to visit it is off season. Countryside pales next to Germanys (I mean, Berchtesgaden and Saxon) so it's really the sea that's worthwhile taking a trip to. It's a nice country. But yeah, some lovely places seawise. :) Porec is very lovely as well.
    Hey there! I'm thinking of buying a walter dyer scooter jacket, and from what i understand from reading the forums is that you owned a cafe racer from him at one point. Would you mind sending me any pics you may have of it? I'd be very grateful. The ones that were posted are no longer there. Thanks in advance!!
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