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  1. Colin G

    New White's Bounty Hunter Brown Horse 8 D.

    Bought these a while ago but never got to them. Been worn a couple times around the house, then put away and I forgot about them. I need cash for tuition and these need some feet put them to be worn and enjoyed since I am not fulfilling that duty. I'd love to keep them but I have way too many...
  2. Colin G

    Rainbow county brown shinki horsehide cafe racer 42

    I have one of these in black. I am a 40 in everything and take a 40 in Rainbow Country. Their stuff fits as a 40 should except that 40s car coat fits large. RC makes really nice jackets and are on par and just as nice as my Freewheelers.
  3. Colin G

    Colimbo Pathfinder Cossack style jacket brown veg tan horsehide VG Condition. Size 40.

    Me too but I need cash for tuition. School is not as cheap as the last time I was there 20 years ago.
  4. Colin G

    Colimbo Pathfinder Cossack style jacket brown veg tan horsehide VG Condition. Size 40.

    For your consideration is a size 40 very lightly worn, Colimbo Pathfinder jacket in brown mid to light weight veg tanned horsehide. No topcoat on this veg tanned leather and this is very similar to hides Thedi uses. I sold both my Thedi jackets and settled on this Colimbo because I thought it...
  5. Colin G

    Footwear to go with our jackets

    These just arrived the other day. White's Oxford in brown roughout, done on the 55 Semidress last.
  6. Colin G

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Winter decided to make a comeback. Colimbo Stockman for the last few days.
  7. Colin G

    Schott limited Shinki HH Perfecto. Only 68 will be made

    Leather jackets are not investments, especially a Schott. That thing will be worth half the selling price the moment you buy it and open the box. Wait and buy a used one.
  8. Colin G

    Lone Wolf Woodcutter Boots size 8.5 fit like US 9. Cat's Paw Soles. Like new.

    Boot bump. I'll add a free surprise to the box if it fits the buyer (new size M t-shirt).

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