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Daniele Tanto
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  • Buongiorno Daniele, sono iscritto al forum da poco e vorrei approfittare della sua competenza in materia. Vorrei acquistare un modello della Borsalino, l'icaro/alessandria: cosa mi può dire riguardo alla tipologia di feltro?Lei ha dato una piega definitiva o lo mantiene ripiegabile? Risulta molto 'floscio' ?Ero tentato da marrone e grigio medio ma non riesco a farmi un'idea lei di che colorazioni dispone? Cesare.
    Hi, Daniele. I'm going to Milan in a couple of weeks; at the same time, I happen to be in need of a new panama, and wondered if there was a Proper Hat shop worth going to while I'm there.

    I was advised on the 'Ask a question, get an answer' thread that you are the man to ask!
    Hi Daniele,

    I am trying to find the age of a Flechet hat and it was suggested you might be the expert to help me out. I have posted pictures and details on my thread.

    Thanks in advance!
    Daniele Tanto
    Daniele Tanto
    Ciao madamejane,
    I posted a reply to your request on the thread.
    Hope it helps
    Hi Daniele! Thanks so much for your interest. My problem is that I really have no idea of the value of the hat. The only thing I have to go on are ebay sold listings for comparable hats which looks like the range is $200-425 for this hat with box. Do you want to make me an offer?
    Daniele Tanto
    Daniele Tanto
    Hello Mortimer, I can make an offer that is below what you indicate as price range.
    The Borsalino is nice, but my maximum bid is $ 120 for the hat. I am not interested in the box that you can certainly sell. Please do not be offended by what I propose, but what I think is worth the hat.
    You feel free to take any decision
    Thanks for your attention.
    Best regards
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