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    Talk to me about vintage sneaker brands...

    Try Colchester rubber co, and as mentioned Palladium. D
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    First production Eastman?

    Also forgot to mention the steerhide does seem a little thicker than their other leathers I have handled, I actually like that. D
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    First production Eastman?

    I have a Eastman steerhide A2 which I collected from Eastman on 27-2-1992 it has exactly the same label, Eastman do offer the cuff and waistband replacement service, I’m fairly sure they would replace the lining as well, mine has been a fantastic jacket it could do with a new cuff (due to...
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    looking for boots advice

    Solovair do actually make 2 versions of the monkey boot one with a thinner than the standard airwair sole. D
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    looking for boots advice

    If you like Dr Martens try Solovair, similar air wear soles but vastly better constructed and using superior leathers and a very good range of boot styles. D
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    My Second Thedi Arrived- Mixed feelings

    I think the jacket looks perfect in both fit and construction, if it were mine it would break my heart to send it back, however fit is a personal thing and after a few days go with what you think, I’d be tempted to buy some higher rise jeans first to see if that changed my mind. D
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    Feet Up! The Work Boot Thread

    I agree about the William Lennon boots, without doubt the most solid boots I have ever owned, Bomb proof! D
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    Feet Up! The Work Boot Thread

    Edward, If you scroll further down the page there are actually 2 styles of monkey boot, one doesn’t have the thick airwear type sole but a thinner leather topped sole. D
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    Workwear Vests

    Edward, You could try the Stuffshanghai eBay shop, although they are small sizing they go up to 7xl, I’m normally an xl which equates to a 4XL in their sizing, they have a good variety of styles but the site takes a bit of trolling through as they have so many products, they are very well...
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    Feet Up! The Work Boot Thread

    If you like Monkey boots and want some which are a few levels above Grafters in quality and comfort try Solovair. D
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    My Thedi Leathers olive deer skin project

    Great looking jacket, how about some ipped up pic's D
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    Recommended Travel Leather Bags?

    The Aero bags are made by Tusting.co.uk so if you look at their website you will get a better idea of what the inside looks like, they are the weekender model and as Aero has had these in for some time they are quite a bit cheaper than Tustings own price. D
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    Watching this too long. Trigger pulled!

    Great looking jacket ! D
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    Aero RAF Merino skin.

    Those elastic straps are historically accurate but if you dont like them you can simply unclip it and wear it without, I think they were intended to hold the collar up when piloting your plane so you didn't have to keep adjusting the floppy sheepskin collar and taking your hands away from the...
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    Aero RAF Merino skin.

    Lovely jacket, and a great fit for that type of jacket. D

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