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    FS The Flat Head Deerskin Jacket 42

    Another cycle of catch and release! Bought from Rgcards, but unfortunately this jacket is too tight in the shoulders for me. Looking to recoup what I paid, 650 USD. Beautiful jacket, just wish it fit better.
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    WTB Highwayman/Halfbelt/Similar ~size 40-42

    Hi @Edward , Thanks for the info! From what I've read about the Highwayman, it can be a difficult jacket to size. Why specifically is this? I know that ordering new from Aero can be difficult as their measurements can vary. However, if you were ordering something used where you knew the...
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    WTB Highwayman/Halfbelt/Similar ~size 40-42

    Hi all, I am brand new to this forum. I have been lurking for a while and just created an account. I have decided that I would like to make my first foray into leather jackets and I think that buying used would be my best option right now. I am interested in a highwayman or halfbelt or...