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  • hello Esther. It's been a very loooong time since last time we spoke. I was wondering : are you still in the hat making business ? if so, do you do reblockings ? let me know. i've got an old hat that shrunk after being drenched. I'd like to bring him back to its past glory.

    have a nice DAy
    Ze hebben me op het forum naar u verwezen. Ik zoek een bepaalt type hoed. Ben er al achter dat het een fedora met pencil curl is. Kan ik dit bij u vinden?
    Hi Esther, Joao mention you when I asked him about finding beaver felt in Europe. Do you know some supplier, can you help me? Thanks in advance.
    Problem with gmail, not receiving messages. My phone # in the US is 917-769-0066, or you can try my on WhatsApp if you use it
    Hi Esther,

    I've fallen in love with Sergi Fedora and was hoping to perhaps get a similar one.
    What colors and type of felt do you use?
    I may be in Rotterdam in June before heading to Normandy for the D-Day ceremonies or is shipping to the states not a problem? Thanx.
    101 Pathfinder
    101 Pathfinder
    His hat in question is your "6 OC"
    Which is simply outstanding with the brim and band work you did.
    Hi Esther,
    Tim said you were interested in my photo work. I don't know if ur familiar with DSLR cameras at all, but I use a Nikon D5200 at the moment. I've been a Nikon guy for many years really. I have Photoshop Elements for editing, but I also have Adobe Lightroom 3, which is what I used to edit Tim's photos. Thanks for ur interested and compliments. I'm more than happy to help you however I can.
    hello Esther. Ran across a few of your interesting posts and wondered whether you did make hats fedora lounge members could order from you. I live in France (in Lille) and there isn't a decent hatter in a 400 km range this side of the border, which is a major bummer when you're into hats as much as i am. Let me know. There aren't that many european fedora loungers, come to think of it... Have a nice day !
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