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    Show us your SHOES !!!

    A great ebay find: http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Genuine-French-Foreign-Legion-Brown-Leather-Suede-Army-Boots-Size-41-NEW-FB002-/131941049046?hash=item1eb84ca2d6:g:G4oAAOSwNRdX2~6I, though they would need some serious conditioning...
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    Berets, Anyone?

    “At Boinas Elósegui we not only stand behind the quality of our products…” - Boinas Elosegui Apparently, this statement doesn’t apply to the Dame models. In my opinion, no beret from any reputable company should have this kind of finishing and workmanship. You can't really argue with this...
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    Quality shoes for women

    I'm selling a pair of Chie Mihara leather boots which I've never worn (just put them on for pictures), in a size US 6M / EU 35,5. Made in Spain. They can be worn over or under the knee. Sorry, I no longer have the box for them.Chie Mihara 3 by GigiL posted Mar 6, 2017 at 11:19 PMChie Mihara 2 by...
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    Berets, Anyone?

    Today I received two beret orders: one from Boinas Elosegui containig three Dame berets priced at 25 Euro each, and one from Manufacture de Berets Auloronesa (my second order with this maker), containing one beret Universel priced at 35 Euro. The difference in workmanship, quality control and...
  5. Boinas stitching 4

    Boinas stitching 4

  6. Boinas stitching 3

    Boinas stitching 3

  7. Boinas stitching 2

    Boinas stitching 2

  8. Boinas stitching 1

    Boinas stitching 1

  9. Auloronesa stitching 1

    Auloronesa stitching 1

  10. Auloronesa stitching 2

    Auloronesa stitching 2

  11. Auloronesa stitching 3

    Auloronesa stitching 3

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    Quality shoes for women

    "Michael" shoes by Paraboot, beautifully hand crafted in France of thick, full grain leather. These are the shoes I'll be living in from now thru December ( Just kidding. Sort of.)M1 by GigiL posted Mar 6, 2017 at 3:32 PMParaboot "Michael" shoes by GigiL posted Mar 6, 2017 at 3:32 PM
  13. Paraboot "Michael" shoes

    Paraboot "Michael" shoes

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    Berets, Anyone?

    That's a very nice, neutral color.
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    Berets, Anyone?

    Very lucky, indeed...