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    FS: 1950's Does 1930's Bespoke Three Piece Suit

  2. GoldenEraFan

    FS: 1950's Does 1930's Bespoke Three Piece Suit

    Real beauty this suit. Wish it fit me or I wouldn't sell it! Originally priced at $250 I since knocked it down to $175. I'm open to offers too! Any questions please ask...
  3. GoldenEraFan

    1930's/1940's Wide Brim Black Adam Fedora 6 7/8ths

    ------------------------------------***SOLD****-------------------------------------------- Selling a near mint condition Adam brand fedora. Details on the page! Message me with any questions...
  4. GoldenEraFan

    Young`s Hats NYC

    The Broadway and 33rd shop was Young's Stetson from it's opening in 1911 to sometime in the '60s or '70s when the owners at that time by the name of John and Jack (or something like that) changed the name to JJ Hat Center, though I have a belief the "center" part came later. The store was moved...
  5. GoldenEraFan

    Show off the sports coats.

    That is one fine looking jacket! Very early '30s inspired! I want a duplicate!
  6. GoldenEraFan

    Vintage Car Thread - Discussion and Parts Requests

    Asking this for a friend, does anyone know where one could get a water pump kit for a 1935 LaSalle or Oldsmobile?
  7. GoldenEraFan

    Ralph Lauren Beltbacks

  8. GoldenEraFan

    Ralph Lauren Beltbacks

  9. GoldenEraFan

    Ralph Lauren Beltbacks

  10. GoldenEraFan

    Replica 1920's style Ralph Lauren Linen Jacket

    I call it a "replica" because the info tag has a fake date of 12 7 1929 and the label is a nod to the vintage palm beach labels. Not a belt back but still pretty nice...
  11. GoldenEraFan

    Ralph Lauren Beltbacks

    A double breasted number http://www.ebay.com/itm/Polo-by-Ralph-Lauren-Off-White-Mens-Cotton-Jacket-Size-2XL-Casual-Blazer-/181462284363?pt=US_CSA_MC_Blazers_Sport_Coats&hash=item2a3ffeb84b
  12. GoldenEraFan

    Ralph Lauren Beltbacks

    Good idea for this thread!
  13. GoldenEraFan

    BOTH SIDES OF THE TWEED! - Show us your tweed suits, sport coats and pants

    Love it! 3 button SB peak lapel in a thick tweed what more could you ask for! :eusa_clap
  14. GoldenEraFan

    WTB or Trade: Summer weight suit/sport jackets

    Ah! Okay! Yeah it's a little too modern for what I'm looking for. But thanks!

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