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    Famous (and not so famous) OR wearers...

    https://natedsanders.com/lyndon_b__johnson_s_personally_owned___worn_stetso-lot48960.aspx LBJ’s personally owned and worn Stetson OR, so evidently, he wore both.
  2. Hemingway Jones

    Pocket Knife

    I carry a Spyderco Delica with a non serrated edge because when you get tape into those serrations, it's tough to come out. I like Spyderco because they are no nonsense knives and very handy with the clip. I've been carrying them since the mid-90s. My latest is rescue orange because I lost two...
  3. Hemingway Jones

    "The Alienist" - Who's Watching?

    I loved the book back when it was published. It was very engaging, interesting, and fun. The show so far lacks the energy and forward narrative momentum that the book had. So far, it feels joyless. I hope that it improves.
  4. Hemingway Jones

    Christy's of London

    They have become my primary clothier; even for business suits. I love everything that they do. The coat is one of their Covert Coats as well.
  5. Hemingway Jones

    Christy's of London

    I certainly will. Plenty of chances for that here. Thank you very much. The tie is from Cordings.
  6. Hemingway Jones

    Christy's of London

    I have this very hast and quite like it. See my recent post.
  7. Hemingway Jones

    Christy's of London

    They just had a big sale and I bought one of their Foldaways in "Elm" a lovely green. I have always wanted one, just for the name. I have to say that I quite like it. The felt is nice, the color is great, and the proportions work for me. I was pleasantly surprised. Here's a pic. I styled it very...
  8. Hemingway Jones


    Very nice jacket. Consider going a little darker on the pants: Royal Blue, Navy, offsets it nicely.
  9. Hemingway Jones

    Thomas Farthing in London

    I will definitely check this out the next time that I am in Old Blighty. The images are impressive. The inseams are short, but I suppose one could order them longer. I find that both sleeves and inseams are shorter in the UK anyway. When I am fitted over there, the tailors are always imploring...
  10. Hemingway Jones

    The 80s, myth and reality?

    One man's perspective. I was 21 in 1988 and it was a wonderful time with a pervasive sense of optimism. If you achieved a college education, you were able to find decent employment. New industries were being created as the fail-out from the transition from manufacturing to a service economy...
  11. Hemingway Jones

    Bay Rum?

    Yes, Indeed. I love the stuff. I think those bottles may be old stock. There are also some recipes on how to make it at home. I haven't tried those.
  12. Hemingway Jones

    Thomas Farthing in London

    Thank you so much and thanks for the information.
  13. Hemingway Jones

    Thomas Farthing in London

    I haven't seen anyone post about this place, except for a passing mention in the hats area. https://www.thomasfarthing.co.uk This place looks very interesting indeed. Here is a video of the store: Their clothes have an amazing vintage look to them with cuts that reference styles from the...
  14. Hemingway Jones

    How long has it been...

    You can buy a suit from a company like Cordings of Piccadilly that is nearly as thick as armour, if that's what you're looking for. Otherwise, with more climate controlled buildings, the very heavy and very light fabrics have fallen out of favour in the off the rack shops.
  15. Hemingway Jones

    Richard III (1995)

    It was on the PBS App on Apple TV. I'm not sure if it still is.

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