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    Ask a question, get an answer

    I remember a few years ago member "navarre" - http://www.blacksheephatworks.com/BLACK_SHEEP_HAT_WORKS.html Black Sheep Hat Works - hiked the Continental Divide. The incredible YT video he mentions below might lend a fitting hat from a hatter's POV?!...
  2. J.B.

    RIP John Morris Sr.-Rocky Mountain Hat Company

    Condolences to you and your family. Thank you for taking the time to share this. I remember your posts well.
  3. J.B.

    How goes it fellas?

    Hulloo, bolthead! :peace:
  4. J.B.

    Buckaroo Hatters ''I Saw The Light'' movie news.

    Great news, Major Moore!... "Hank's" fedora is perfecto! :first:
  5. J.B.

    Night Owls only

    Present. 2am in L.A. :washing:
  6. J.B.

    Berets, Anyone?

    Swell pics, Two Types. Thanks! :first:
  7. J.B.

    Where do you see fedoras worn the most?

    At Santa Anita & Del Mar Race Tracks... :llama:
  8. J.B.

    D.I.Y. Borsalino. Comes with it's own scissors!

    I'm not so sure -- It might be perfect for wearing to next years Grammy Awards! :cool:
  9. J.B.

    D.I.Y. Borsalino. Comes with it's own scissors!

    Say, isn't that the new Borsalino model "The Bris"?! :eeek:
  10. J.B.

    Sweet Sweats

    Swell thread!... My faves (so far): 1900s Caravan Derby (Von Gal) -- Joshbru3 :first: 1890s Boater -- The Star Ventilator -- Joshbru3 :second: Avatar Inside Out -- alanfgag :third: Any sweatband with the word Zephyr on it !!! :peace:
  11. J.B.

    Birthday Hat

    Happy Birthday, Daniel! :peace: Perfect choice, Cindy!!! :cheer2:
  12. J.B.

    JW Hats , its with a heavy heart , I inform you Jim lost his wife yesterday

    Sincere Condolences to Jim and family.
  13. J.B.

    Northwest Hats, Eugene, Ore.

    ya. I'm skint from Crimbo. :boom:
  14. J.B.

    Berets, Anyone?

    Two -- both without headband. Thanks! :coffee: ...Sounds like Otis Rush -or- maybe a little like J.B. Hutto and His Hawks?!:music:
  15. J.B.

    Berets, Anyone?

    I can say that the "150" is the best beret I have ever owned -- bar none! (And I own 'em all!) :peace: ...Although I am eagerly awaiting the release of the new "top contender" as seen in Post #765 of this thread. :cool:

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