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    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    $500 lewis leathers https://www.etsy.com/listing/1235143722/lewis-aviakit-lightning-391-motorcycle?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=lewis+leathers&ref=sr_gallery-1-1&frs=1&cns=1&organic_search_click=1
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    Engineer Boots, Harness Boots...

    new (to me) made in GM Japan engineer boots daily (for the last 3 years of riding) wesco boss boots. due for a shine and condition after a weekend up in sequoia national park
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    Lets see those Motorcycle Jackets!

    my vanson derby has seen the most adventures, it's currently with vanson for zipper replacement and a sleeve shortening details aren't very visible, but my other jacket is a beck nor'easter repro by schott. love the horsehide on this even though it feels alot lighter than the competition...
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    Footwear to go with our jackets

    Brand new Kapital Navy supply side zip boots came in. They are so sturdy and slot in with all my pieces perfectly.
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    Engineer Boots, Harness Boots...

    @Boyo I'm an 8.5/9. Gonna pretend like I own a bitchin' pair of Engineers by following this thread.
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    Engineer Boots, Harness Boots...

    baaah I wish I were an 8 https://www.grailed.com/listings/12858131-japanese-brand-attractions-steer-hide-engineer-boots
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    Engineer Boots, Harness Boots...

    Speaking of Lofgrens..this is a great price for one https://www.ebay.com/itm/John-Lofgren-Cognac-Badalassi-Leather-Engineer-Motorcycle-Biker-Boots-7-5D-Japan/274227665920
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    Engineer Boots, Harness Boots...

    Are ebay links allowed? Here's a potential deal for a US size 8 https://www.ebay.com/itm/S-S-X-WESCO-KNUCKLE-DRAGGER-ENGINEER-BOOT-OLIVE-WAXED-FLESH/174115590949
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    Wesco/Iron Heart Collab Boss Engineer boots, Brown , 9.5, $300

    Sick boots for an amazing price. Good luck with the sale!
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    FS: Wesco 100th Anniversary Boss toe

    I dislike that you're my size, I've been meaning to grab some boots from you. Hopefully one of my items sells and I can get to you before another lucky forum member does
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    Moto Horsebutt Engineer Boot

    Beautiful boots.
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    FS: Lost Worlds Steerhide "Buco" Jacket Size 38

    SOLD Admin, feel free to delete.
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    FS: Lost Worlds Steerhide "Buco" Jacket Size 38

    Hey folks, Passing on this jacket that I got from eBay (person was liquidating old inventory that sat in storage) and have since found better fitting jackets for everyday riding. Not much to say other than this jacket is ready to be broken in, I love the steerhide and it's not as heavy as my...
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    Engineer Boots, Harness Boots...

    New here and thought I'd share! Love my Lone Wolf engineers, they're my daily riding boots and are due for a resole within the next couple of months.
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    FS: White's Hathorn Open Road Engineer Boots - 9.5ee

    @casechopper fancy seeing you here! I wish these were an 8.5 otherwise I would've taken the plunge. GLWS!