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    Vintage Milan or Optimo Milan

    Yes, saw an article…that Optimo Hats went to China…found the original suppliers of the wheat that Italy used. Then worked with the village, improving the wheat, breeding for better straw (not wheat), and I believe even growing organically. My link to article no longer works, and Optimo doesn’t...
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    Vintage Milan or Optimo Milan

    Is the Optimo as good as An Italian vintage? Anyone know where I might get one in a 61 size?
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    OTHER THAN eBAY Hats: Victories, Defeats, Gripes & Items of Interest

    Can’t seem to see the jpgs….would love ti view hat. Can you repost pics? Thanks
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    Question: The lowdown on Palm Leaf hats...

    ” It also turns golden with age, rather than fade” if only true for people as well!