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    Freewheelers leather jackets

    For example. For all I know this is a fake Leathertogs jacket. However, it does not look like one. I see this style of buckle on many of their vintage jackets. Most are hard to see because I don't see high resolution photos. But this looks similar. https://www.ebay.com/itm/125338792067...
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    Freewheelers leather jackets

    Could it not be a "reproduction" of the buckle from the jacket they used as the pattern? I mean, they used nice zippers, could have cheaped out on all the hardware if cost was something to cut that did not include material and labor. I think I have seen the similar buckle used on vintage...
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    Freewheelers leather jackets

    I don't share the same experience. Both of my FW jackets have provided me tremendous satisfaction. I can't see in the photos you shared how it could be a disappointment and depression... Unless it does not fit.
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    Freewheelers leather jackets

    Pretty epic hero.
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    FS: Field Leather Route 66 (sz44)-Catch and Release

    So much temptation. So very tempting. This looks like a real treat! GLWS!
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    Vanson x Left Field x Butterscotch Commando S(Fits like M)

    Fire... This is one hot jacket!
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    Update 7/31: Ebay Links- Stetson Hats Ending Today 7/29/22

    The Avenue was amazing!
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    The Bowler or Derby Hat

    That sweatband is epic.
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    Buler's hat auctions continued

    I am looking for a good condition pre-WWII Fedora in grey or black, in 7 3/8. Just putting a note here. :)
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    Pre- 1940s Stetson dress hats.

    Out of the Park!
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    WTB: a single vintage Fedora, 7 3/8, black or grey, Pre WWII.

    Bump. I saw a really nice Stetson exposition medal fedora on eBay that I missed that sold back in April. Would very much enjoy purchasing a similar style, condition and age fedora. This was sold by Deadlyhandsome...
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    Post Thedi Leather Jacket Photos Here........

    Take measurements of jackets you wear that fit you, and compare with measurements of the jacket you are considering purchasing.
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    WTB: a single vintage Fedora, 7 3/8, black or grey, Pre WWII.

    Awesome! Thank you for the advice!
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    WTB: a single vintage Fedora, 7 3/8, black or grey, Pre WWII.

    All, I am not a collector. But I enjoy a nice hat. I have been wearing a modern Stetson Saxon, with a 2" brim and a 4 1/2" crown of late. I have a couple of really nice vintage Homburgs (Stetson Special and Royal Stetson) and a few exceptional Derby hats from Stetson. I wear what I...
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    Consignment shop Royal Canadian Mounted Police Stetson, old...

    Yes, I live in Colorado. It was not expensive. $75 dollars, already at 25% off that, and wont be long before it is at 50% off.