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    Brand new Truman Boots, black horsehide (10EE)

    I would probably take them if they were real ee but sounds like they would not be wide enough for me. Didn't Truman stand behind it's product? I was going to buy boots from them but now....
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    Grail Steerhide Kehoe Racing Shirt NOS Condition 46

    May I ask what your chest size is? How didn't it fit?
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    FS: AERO CAFE RACER FQSH Horween 48 black

    What's the waist measurement?
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    FS: Connolly Steerhide Aero HM size 46

    Thank you would appreciate that. On Thurston Bros. 46 HM are that wide. But I can't figure out Aero sizing.
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    FS: Connolly Steerhide Aero HM size 46

    So it's adjustable at the waist 21.5 to 23.5 or 23.5 to 25.5?
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    FS: Connolly Steerhide Aero HM size 46

    Is the waist adjustable? On Thurston Bros. website HM jackets are usually 21-23 inches more or less . New to TFL. Still learning. Very interested in jacket.
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    Shinki Horsehide British Racer Jacket BLACK sz 44

    First time on FL. Very interested in jacket but might be too small. Are you sure about the 24 p2p?

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