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  1. Man of Vintage

    Thedi Markos zip up 3XL

    What a phenomenal jacket.
  2. Man of Vintage

    Cal Leather White Two-tone Six Panel Cafe Racer

    Whoever purchased this jacket, please hit me up if you decide to sell it!
  3. Man of Vintage

    Simmons Bilt trucker sz 46 clayton hh

    If you decide to move this jacket after it arrives, please give me a shout!
  4. Man of Vintage

    Thedi - 300 shipped

    That's a great price!
  5. Man of Vintage

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    After 10 years of searching for a vintage Bates jacket that fits right, I've finally found my grail. The bonus is the color combo - looks like it belongs in an action movie.
  6. Man of Vintage

    How many new jackets do you have coming (and how many potential ones)?

    Picked up this 70's Bates last night on eBay in a nice larger size of 46LL. If it doesn't fit how I like, I'll be posting it up in the classifieds.
  7. Man of Vintage

    How many new jackets do you have coming (and how many potential ones)?

    Any chance in heck you'll be selling this one T?
  8. Man of Vintage

    FS - vintage Sears/Hercules horsehide half-belt crosszip - size 38

    Sorry folks - this jacket sold 2 years ago!
  9. Man of Vintage

    Vintage Butwin Leather Hockey Jacket Blue 44

    Hey brother, I'll take it for $80 shipped. Driving right now, shoot me a DM.
  10. Man of Vintage

    FOR SALE - 1970's Hard On brown leather motorcycle jacket

    Price drop - $100 shipped CONUS.
  11. Man of Vintage

    FOR SALE - 1970's no name brown cafe jacket

    Price drop - $85 shipped CONUS.
  12. Man of Vintage

    Rich Sher Steerhide Half Belt 44 Police Jacket 1950’s

    Beautiful jacket! Though the sleeve length would be an issue for me. Thanks for the tag!
  13. Man of Vintage

    FOR SALE - 1940's Westbury Sportswear horsehide jacket - size 44

    For sale - 40's-50's Westbury "All Season" Sportswear brown horsehide leather jacket - marked 44 - fits like a 44. Chest pocket is an unmasked pull, and main zip is a Talon w/ original leather pull - both zips work flawlessly. Both hand warmer pocket interiors are in great condition. There may...

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