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  1. Mark G

    Movie hats

    Yes, it's pretty faded but if you look closely you can see the holes sewn together from the squibs in Fistful Of Dollars.
  2. Mark G

    Movie hats

    My wife and I live in Carmel by the Sea and they had their Centennial this weekend. Clint Eastwood was the Grand Marshall in the hat from Unforgiven, the poncho from the Dollar Trilogy, the shirt from High Plains Drifter, the Andy Anderson "walk and draw" holster etc. Looked pretty spry for 86!
  3. Mark G

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Filson Wool Packer Coat Review

    I've wanted one of these coats for years and never could justify the expense having a cold weather coat this nice living in coastal California. My wife and I have been going on several trips to the National Parks in off season (late fall, early spring and winter), and I got a Filson gift...
  4. Mark G

    Movie hats

    Poor Blevins.
  5. Mark G

    The Adventurer's Gear Thread

    "It's impossible to shake the ancient dust of Africa off your boots" Been to South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania and most often Kenya. All told, 7 times. While not that popular now, I really like the East and West Tsavo regions of Colonel Patterson fame. There are almost no people and it's easy...
  6. Mark G

    New hat rack

    http://www.randhats.com/accessories.cfm I'm sure there are others.
  7. Mark G

    New hat rack

    Thanks, the case is actually one of mine. I build guitars and teach guitar building for a living. The rack was a quick build for fun.
  8. Mark G

    New hat rack

    Wasn't sure where to post as it does have hats in it. I've been looking for some way to display my hats that would allow them to hold their shape... so I came up with this. I wanted it rustic so I made it out of Douglas Fir from the local DIY store. The arms and legs to the rack are...
  9. Mark G

    Show us your Guns!

    Mike, I took some classes in the early 80's with Mr. Hackathorn and all of us in the classes had some version of a 1911. Did some brushing up recently in another class and I was the only one with a 1911 (as well as a large caliber) ... I'm getting old.
  10. Mark G

    The Passing Away of John Erickson, Fellow Lounger and Friend to Many.

    So sorry to hear. He was a gentleman and his gatherings were always entertaining . He will be missed.
  11. Mark G

    Adding stiffener to a straw hat

    You can use any shellac based stiffener on straw. It is nothing more than a blonde shellac dissolved in alcohol. The shantung "straw" is really paper coated with lacquer and reshapes pretty easily.
  12. Mark G

    My First Attempt at Making a Fedora.

    Nice job! I agree with tonyb, the wooden blocks would be much easier.
  13. Mark G

    New (I mean, really new) block!

    Darrel, the hat looks great. If you use a "waterproof" (nothing is truly waterproof, ask the watch industry) glue you can usually stave off the separation. As I've said before a single piece could crack and separate as well, plus, you made it, you can repair it as well. Cheers
  14. Mark G

    Hat Prices and Quality---Vintage, New and Custom

    Thanks for the info. I still think, for the price (most of these 100 percent beaver custom hats can be had much less than $495.00). Of course, as I said, I have a bias toward the little guy and custom work in general. I want something made for me that I can say... "Yeah, I know the guy who...
  15. Mark G

    Hat Prices and Quality---Vintage, New and Custom

    It's the attention to detail. One person, one hat, and in the case of modern Borsalino's it is my understanding that they are not beaver but rabbit and hare. http://www.borsalino.com/eng/artigianalita.jsp

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