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  1. Minghao

    Aero Leather Front Quarter Horsehide Jacket for sale.

    measurements? How to buy
  2. Minghao

    Aero Sheene. Natural CXL 40

    Accept offers?
  3. Minghao

    Aero Sheene. Natural CXL 40

    Still available?
  4. Minghao

    Possible Trade? Aero Sheene Brown CXL FQHH size 40

    my size. Sell?
  5. Minghao

    WTB: Lost Worlds size 44 or 46

    Ship to USA?
  6. Minghao


    Hello, I’m interested in rainbow country leather jacket. My size is 44. Prefer brown color. Just PM me please. US located. Thanks
  7. Minghao

    WTB:AERO LEATHER Badalassi jacket

    I want to buy aero leather badalassi leather jacket. Best new with/without tag. My size is 42/44. Color prefer russet or tobacco. Feel free to contact me. Thanks!
  8. Minghao

    FS - ELC B-3 Perry Sportswear Mixed Batch - size 46

    Best offer accepted? Ship to US?
  9. Minghao

    FS: Aero Leather Redskin B-6 Size 40

    Nice jacket. A little small...
  10. Minghao

    Aero FQHH size 44 jacket

    How long did you wear it? The measurements please
  11. Minghao

    FS: Berlin WI Deerskin jacket, NOS

    W wow,I missed it.
  12. Minghao

    FS: Berlin WI Deerskin jacket, NOS

    Still available?
  13. Minghao

    Wesco IH engineer boots 9.5

    US9.5E? Worn?
  14. Minghao

    Aero D1 Redskin - Size Large/44

    Have measurements?
  15. Minghao

    Tenjin Works JS02 -- Tochigi Hide Size 42

    Very nice jacket,one size smaller. Where did you buy it?

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