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    Aero Board Racer/J100 Size 46, Dark Seal Vicenza $600 shipped SOLD

    SOLD FS: $600 Shipped. Paypal F&F or add 3% fees. I'll cover shipping in the CONUS. This was the perfect jacket in my collection. Purchased right here at TFL in mid 2019: https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/aero-board-racer-buco-j100-dark-seal-brown-vicenza-44-46.97872/ Sadly, weight...
  2. patrick_b

    Stunning 1979/80 Comp Weight Vanson cafe racer, 44

    This is sold. Thanks @morrison2951 and TFL.
  3. patrick_b

    The Hunt for the Least Restrictive Leather Jacket

    I'm with you in that I'm sensitive to jackets that restrict and prefer the midweight leathers. I recently found a 40 year old Vanson Model A (heavy comp weight even) that was extremely broken in and faded and I'm amazed at how easily it wears compared to my other jackets. I've worn and owned...
  4. patrick_b

    Stunning 1979/80 Comp Weight Vanson cafe racer, 44

    Model A was my guess as well. Thanks for clarifying.
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    Stunning 1979/80 Comp Weight Vanson cafe racer, 44

    FS: $550 (NET) Shipped CONUS. Will consider international at additional expense. This one is pretty special looking and broken in perfectly but a hair too big and a bit too heavy for me. I prefer the midweight leathers for daily use. Since I don't ride, this one is wasted sitting in my closet...
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    New to me vintage Vanson Cafe Racer ca. 1980

    I recently took a chance on this 40 year old Vanson Comp Weight cafe racer. I'm thinking it is a Model A but I'm not certain. Hope someone can confirm. Turned out to be a fantastic deal, the size 44 fits perfectly and the condition is stunning. I corresponded with the seller who bought the...
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    Show your graining

    Newly acquired 40 year old Vanson comp weight faded to a lovely brown.
  8. patrick_b

    What is this Aero?

    It's a beauty and fits you perfectly! Looks like it would fit me as well ;). I should start looking at pre-owned CXL jackets. The new one I had was a bit too stiff for me to wear comfortably but they looks so nice.
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    FS Aero Board Racer 44 black FQHH CXL

    Lovely images. I've always felt that pictures like these make all the difference for a sale. Clearly photography's a hobby and it shows.
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    Fidelity Cafe Racer, Dark Brown, zip-in liner, Size 46. $150

    Good point. I was very surprised at the weight of the leather. I recently picked up a vintage Brooks cafe racer and this one is almost twice as heavy. Very substantial. Any idea how to date these jackets? This one could be 60’s or 90’s for all I know.
  11. patrick_b

    Fidelity Cafe Racer, Dark Brown, zip-in liner, Size 46. $150

    FS: $150 + $20 Shipping OBO. Paypal FF or add 3%. Made in Boston, MA. Dark brown cafe racer with zip-in fur (faux fur I assume) liner. Leather, lining and zip-in liner/insulation is all in excellent condition. Zippers & pulls are all present and functional. Broken in and comfortable. No idea...

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