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  1. Princealbert

    FS: NEW Trickers X The Bureau Belfast Boots - UK 7.5

    Tricker’s Allan boots will almost certainly be made on the 4497s last. Nice boots btw.
  2. Princealbert

    Aero style?

    Looks like an Aero Montgomery. Don’t think they make that style any more.
  3. Princealbert

    Aero Highwayman vs Premier Highwayman

    Thanks. Would you regard 42 as your ‘normal’ size in say a suit jacket so that you are going down two sizes to get a good fit in the standard Highwayman?
  4. Princealbert

    Aero Highwayman vs Premier Highwayman

    Thank you for the input guys - that's incredibly helpful, especially your detailed synopsis Edward. I have a fairly lean build and I suspect that Premier Highwayman is going to be the way to go for me. Stringman, I love the look of your jacket with the many non-standard details and the trimmer...
  5. Princealbert

    Aero Highwayman vs Premier Highwayman

    Hi, I previously owned a Highwayman but found it to be too large. This is because I bought that jacket in my standard suit size and I have since discovered that this style from Aero comes up very large. We all learn the hard way. I'd like to buy another jacket in the same style but I'd like it...

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