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    Warm winter jacket for 52.9399° N?

    AWESOME lookin' jacket!
  2. Rick Blaine

    Vintage Seal fur jacket from estate auction

    ...so I received this and it is far nicer than I have words for. Clearly bespoke.The stitching is the finest I have seen and it looks unworn. The 40" chest checks out, but... It comes up seriously short in the sleeves tho', so I propose getting a us wings replacement fighter jacket cuffs...
  3. Rick Blaine

    Warm winter jacket for 52.9399° N?

    This Georgia boy is facing his second Saskatchewan winter. I just bought one of these. Any thoughts? Suggestions?
  4. Rick Blaine

    Vintage Seal fur jacket from estate auction

    Yeah buddy. My Calgary born wife gives me hell for wearing flannel lined jeans into spring! The wind IS something to behold, tho. I would LOVE some mitts and boots as well. I am told there is nothing warmer.
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    Vintage Seal fur jacket from estate auction

    Hiya Bowen! I am simply trailing the wife. She got a clinical teaching gig and I am semi-retired, for now anyway. Thanks for asking. it's a hellava change, I'll say that. Stay well.
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    Vintage Seal fur jacket from estate auction

    This would've been impractical in my olde Tennessee home, but now I am living in Saskatoon, I had to get it. In fact in SK it's a three-season jacket. I think it was a woman's (?) jacket but at 40" chest & 25" stated length, I think it'll work... it's kinda a gender neutral garment... The last...
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    Ebay Hats: Victories, Defeats, Gripes & Items of Interest

    Is this really '6o's? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1960s-STETSON-STRATOLINER-Fedora-Charcoal-Gray-7-3-8/114226151545?ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 The band is reassuringly wide, though black and the size tag is square- gold on black both of which suggest a later...
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    ... just, Wow...

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    My trade bait pile of hats!

    Yeah... I threw in the towel when I came here trying to sell some hats to pay off vet bills and some illiterate moron took it to mean I was soliciting donations! What an idiot! It bounced back and forth and mercifully some barkeep took it down. I'll buy your hats, I will sell you my hats, but I...
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    1865 Distressed Collection

    :rolleyes: Here
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    Post the pins on your fedoras..

    New Shady Oaks w/ matching pin. Never seen that one before.
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    The British Belt Company: Leather Satchel $69–> $39!!!

    I'll bite! Where can I PP the $$$ to?
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    fedoras.com has their entire inventory at 50 percent off, just scored a nice pantropic player for $54, no tax/free shipping! woo-hoo. *I am in no way affiliated with this or any other commercial venture or business.