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    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    There is a scene in The Apartment that no one ever mentions but it haunts me. That is the one where we see a vast floor of the insurance office stretching away into infinity filled with identical desks each one with its office drone and hand cranked Friden calculator. And reflecting that in a...
  2. Stanley Doble

    Bachelor Living in the Golden Era

    Apartments became more common in the 1920s and hotel living less so, in cities. Rooming houses and boarding houses were rather "down market". They were largely gone by the 1970s. In my area they were shut down by local governments claiming they were a fire and health hazard. It was after that...
  3. Stanley Doble

    Bachelor Living in the Golden Era

    At one time it was common for single men to live in hotels. Nicola Tesla never lived anywhere else, after he left his parents home. When he arrived in New York in the 1880s there was no such thing as an apartment house. If you were a family man you rented a house, or you lived in a hotel. There...
  4. Stanley Doble

    old terms or expressions that are still among us

    From an old I Love Lucy episode... Elocution teacher: There are two slang expressions you must never use. One of them is swell and the other one is lousy Ethel: Tell us what they are and we won't use them. Lucy: Yeah that would be a swell way to get off to a lousy start
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    Election Day Cake

    I already put this in the Cooking Golden Era Recipes thread but thought it good enough to share here. Cake makes everything better!
  6. Stanley Doble

    Cooking Golden Era recipes

    Election day special - 1931 Election cake on the old cookbook show
  7. Stanley Doble

    Cooking Golden Era recipes

    This week on the old cooking show, Prize winning Tomato Aspic from Kalamazoo Michigan, 1934 -35. Perfect compliment to your traditional Thanksgiving meal.
  8. Stanley Doble

    Cooking Golden Era recipes

    I have heard of such devices, some years back there was a recipe book for car engine cookery called Manifold Destiny. Here is a book of Model A cookery you can have for free. No doubt the recipes will work on other cars ...
  9. Stanley Doble

    Golden Era Landscaping

    Don't overlook the old Popular Mechanics magazines you see at yard and estate sales. They had articles on gardening and landscaping, nearly every month.
  10. Stanley Doble

    Famous Intersections

    Portage and Main in Winnipeg.
  11. Stanley Doble

    Cooking Golden Era recipes

    This week on the old cookbook show, green tomato pie from Aunt Sammy's Radio Cookbook 1931.
  12. Stanley Doble

    Golden Era Anathema

    Being young may be all right if you come from a supportive family, with lots of money and are healthy and good looking. But for many of us youth was a time of illness, poverty, struggle and constant fear and worry. For me life keeps getting easier and better the longer I live.
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    Cooking Golden Era recipes

    Spanish Cream dessert from 1933 Worcester Salt cook book
  14. Stanley Doble

    So trivial, yet it really ticks you off.

    They also have special parking for pregnant women. So if she got lucky last night she doesn't have to walk so far to the store. I always want to ask, where is the special parking for old age pensioners with heart disease and a hernia?
  15. Stanley Doble

    Golden Era Anathema

    I like Bob Hope's earlier black and white movies but by the sixties he looked like he resented being forced to do a movie.