Steve S.
Jul 19, 2015
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Steve S.

One of the Regulars, from NC

    1. Christopher Brown
      Christopher Brown
      Hi Steve, I posted about a jacket I purchased from eBay that was in need of some work and was referred to you. I was wondering what the best way to contact you about this is.
    2. 4th_Horseman

      I have a question about an A2 you’ve posted about. New to FL. Can’t figure out if there is a PM option. Can you e mail me at

      Thank you,
      1. Steve S.
        Steve S.
        Email sent.
        Dec 22, 2018
    3. Avera
      Hi Steve,

      I have spent a lot of cycles over the past few years trying to find a nice cossack/Menlo style jacket. Have you made one before? The recent Einstein repro was close in terms of design but the quality was awful. Have you made any unlined jackets?
    4. heron163
      Hi Steve -

      I have a couple of jackets that need the knits replaced.

      one is an original WWII Aero that belonged to my father. The rust red knits were replaced some years back w/ brown and it just doesn't look right.

      the second is a newer Aero ANJ-3. I would like to replace the brown knits with rust on this jacket.

      If you are still doing this work, I would be pleased to be a customer.

      best regards,

    5. Sparrow11
      Hi, I'm interested in the G-1 you have for sale.
      Could you give me some measurements please?
      I'd also like to know if there are any odours (i.e smoke) associated to the jacket, and if you have an estimate for the international shipping costs (I live in Italy)
      I?ve been a long time Fedora lounge lurker but I've just signed up, I was in fact interested in your jacket as I'm currently looking for a G-1
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