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aero half belt

  1. Furrowson

    FS/FT: Brown Aero 50s Half Belt 38 (shortish sleeve)

    Hey everyone, I'm reposting this to clarify my intentions. I have an Aero 50s Half Belt in brown CXLFQHH for sale for 500 euros exc shipping; or preferably trade for a black CXL Aero size 40. I'm open to a Highwayman or similar boxy cut (inc another 50s HB), or type II jean jacket. If you...
  2. C

    Aero Half Belt deluxe fit check

    All, as the title says, last fit check on a Half belt deluxe. Size is a 40 and due to my lumpy potato sack/semi pear shaped torso, their will be some adjustments made. Wearing a t shirt plus a button down shirt during the fit pics. Lower section will be bumped up a size (note in the fit pics...

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