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  2. ordounion

    FS: Bundling Avirex Flight Jacket and Schott NYC Leather Flight Jacket

    Hello Loungers, I would like to sell bundling 3 leather jacket with special price. Avirex Flight Jacket and Schott NYC Leather Flight Jacket Measurements Avirex: Size M fit to L Shoulder 58 cm Chest 59 cm Length 74 cm Sleeve 60 cm Used good condition 9/10 Measurements Schott NYC: Size 38...
  3. Z

    Cockpit U.S.A. AN-J-4 Jacket

    Hi guys! New to the forum, but for the last number of months I've been looking for 'the one' shearling jacket that I'll have for life and I think I've found it. The Cockpit U.S.A. AN-J-4 (link). Only thing I'd have them change (if possible) is maybe going with a silver zipper instead of gold...
  4. RSS

    For Sale, 1989-1990, Avirex USA New York NY, B-3

    US made Avirex. A classic sheepskin bomber jacket. Very warm and in excellent condition. Only worn a couple of times a season. I need to make room in the closet and to save for a Aero leather jacket. No rips, tears or deep scratches. Zipper and buckles all working. Two external hand...
  5. njlam

    B-3 Sheepskin Leather Bomber Jacket - Schott vs Cockpit?

    Both of these look awesome, but given the current crisis, I won't be able to go to NYC to try them on for quite some time. Does anyone have the ability to compare and contrast these two jackets? Which is more authentic? Is one higher quality than the other? Do they fit differently?
  6. T

    Sizing of B-3 Shearlings, specifically Avirex

    Hi people, so I've been actively searching for a thick B-3 for over a year now. I've bought a total of 3 but none of them fit correct so I had to sell them all. I'm pretty desperate at this point as I don't want to spend more than 5-600 Dollars considering I come from Germany and have to pay tax...
  7. shaunpug

    Avirex Jumpsuits - need info

    Hi there! I just registered here specifically to see if anyone might be able to help me gather some info on some Avirex clothing... I know that Avirex has some pretty long history, and that they are pimarily known for their jackets...but does anyone have any info on their line of jumpsuits? A...
  8. K

    Avirex help?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you may be able to help me? I have been clearing out a wardrobe and found an Avirex jacket in mint condition that was given to me but never worn. It's a mans leather jacket that was made for the Flying Tigers 50th anniversary in 1991. As I say, the jacket is in...
  9. Ricky Sinaga

    F.S. Avirex Shearling B-3 SheepSkin Leather Jacket Size 38

    I'm looking to sell my Beautiful Avirex Shearling B-3 Leather Jacket Size 38 Small Tear on The Front Bottom of The Jacket Collectible and Wearable Item, And in good and cleaned condition. SUMMARY : √√√ Genuine Avirex √√√ Conditions : 85% √√√ Size: 38 US - Shoulder to shoulder...

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