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B-3 Sheepskin Leather Bomber Jacket - Schott vs Cockpit?


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Both of these look awesome, but given the current crisis, I won't be able to go to NYC to try them on for quite some time.

Does anyone have the ability to compare and contrast these two jackets?

Which is more authentic?

Is one higher quality than the other?

Do they fit differently?


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Depends what you are looking for. Is it a heavy duty shearling, an authentic reproduction, or both?

If it's something authentic you want, consider Aero or Eastman. List price is cheaper from Aero (roughly $1000 USD at today's currency rate) while Schott is $1300. Plus with Aero you get many customizations, made-to-measure, finish options, etc. The downside is a long wait and you have to pay customs when it arrives.

After getting an Aero B6 and seeing the craftsmanship, shearling softness and density, and authenticity, I decided to dive in an get an Aero B3...and then another. Sizing is nearly dead on since you can make it to measure. I have a 38" chest and all my Aero shearling jackets are size 40. Only the B6 feels tight now. But the B3s are perfect.

I have nothing against Schott. I've owned one of their B3s before and it did the job quite well! I found the sizing to be pretty accurate, but this was a well-used and well-loved second hand purchase. I had a size 42 for my 38" chest. It was a little big, but I didn't complain for the price I got.

I'm personally not a fan of Cockpit's shearling. I found it to be thin and not as high quality of Schott's or Aero. But that was based on one jacket. I also found the jacket to run over size. I got a size 38 and I was swimming in it (this is when I had a size 36 or 37 chest).
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I have one schott b3 and more than 4 cockpit's b3. Schott's sheepskin and overall quality is better than cockpit's. Between these two brands, Schott is a better choice. If you want to buy cockpit, my previous favourite sheepskin jacket brand, just don't buy the black sheepskin jackets from cockpit, the inner of shearling are so rough, just feel like a lot of brushes aginist you skin everytime you move.

But there are a lot of better choices since Schott and cockpit both sell their b3 for over 1325.

Areo and Eastman, their sheepskin jackets are the most popular b3 jacket brands here.

Goodwear and Lost World are making the best sheepskin jacket in US.
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Both of these companies does not produce authentic B-3 jackets. Closest to authentic B-3 jacket, from this producers, is Cockpit B-3 Pearl Harbor. If you want authentic jacket, you have to buy jacet from repro makers. In my opinion there is no big difference in quality between Cockpit and Schott.
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