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leather bomber jacket

  1. P

    WTB/Help wanted to build my winter heavy leather jacket

    Hello TFL, I come to you folks for advice after scouring makers upon makers, second-hand marketplaces and Paris thrift stores. Some of you may have seen me in the "ask a question get an answer" thread asking about a vintage heavy FQHH Grais with quilted lining in my quest for my winter/colder...
  2. yorch

    Fit check - custom moosehide Himel A1

    Friends, I recently received a custom A1 in moosehide from Himel after a long wait (+6 months). I must say that the moosehide is something else, the look and feel of the texture is like nothing I've seen/felt before, unlike deerskin is buttery soft, yet it feels sturdy. I have been wanting an...
  3. K

    WTS/Trade Vintage Real McCoy Type D-1 Jacket

    Selling a rare Real McCoy's Type D-1 Jacket. The jacket is still in great condition. The tag said that it's size Medium if you ask me it fit like around size 40 to 42. Across shoulders 47cm Pit to pit 55cm Back length 64cm Arm length 64cm Feel free to shoot me DM I also accept trade with...
  4. Q

    G-1 Customization Project

    Good evening all! I’m brand new here and have been lurking for a while after coming across some of the great postings on flight jackets during my Googling. This is a wonderfully quaint site in general and I’m glad I found it! I’m based in the UK and I wanted to seek some advice on sourcing...
  5. njlam

    B-3 Sheepskin Leather Bomber Jacket - Schott vs Cockpit?

    Both of these look awesome, but given the current crisis, I won't be able to go to NYC to try them on for quite some time. Does anyone have the ability to compare and contrast these two jackets? Which is more authentic? Is one higher quality than the other? Do they fit differently?

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