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  1. O

    Buzz Rickson's B-10 USAAF Flight Jacket Superior Togs size 40

    Buzz Rickson’s B-10 Superior Togs flight jacket, size 40. In very good condition, just a minor hole in the waist cuff (see pics). measurements p2p 57 cm sleeve 61 cm shoulders 49 cm length 60.5 cm asking 300 Euro plus shipping.
  2. S

    Help IDing Alexander Skarsgard's flight jacket from The Little Drummer Girl

    First of all, hello. This is my first post as a new member on this forum. I would greatly appreciate this forum's expertise and help. Publicity shot: https://cimg.tvgcdn.net/i/2018/08/21/d8d068bf-343d-4ea2-9263-4af6b56b614c/668b1f9f59d329b37de9f114330db0de/180821-little-drummer-girl.jpg...
  3. nkang

    FS: Buzz Rickson Superior Togs B-10 (Rust Knits, size 42)

    This is my favorite B-10 jacket. But the sleeves are too long for me now as I have been losing weight and wear size 40(see fit pic below)...feel free to ask me for pictures of any details. Story behind: I bought this beautiful BR B-10 off ebay from a member of VLJF on Ebay. He had to sell it...

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