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  1. B

    Vegetable tan leather weekend bag

    Hi All, My wife and I are coming up to our third wedding anniversary which is called the ‘leather anniversary’ for which we both thought it would be nice to get matching leather weekend bags. I am a bit of a purist and would love for us to get some hand crafted vegetable leather bags. My only...
  2. P

    Selling Ghurka Duffle Cavalier II blue (discontinued color)

    Hi again, I'm also selling a Ghurka Cavalier II duffle on ebay right now: https://www.ebay.com/itm/293297704127 Willing to cut a deal through paypal that is significantly below asking. Thanks
  3. Apple Blossom

    Wearing vintage accessories with good taste in a reasonably authentic way?

    Hello! I'm sorry if this has been posted before, I did try searching first and didn't find what I wanted but I completely understand if this thread has to be deleted. I'd actually intended to ask for help in matching my accessories for Easter (and, I'm still on the lookout for a lovely Easter...

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