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    Dress Beaver - 100x - 95 gram The Color - Pale Whale - full pounce finish, is a pale blue with grey undertone [C] crown spec., average height 5-1/2 inch Brims are 3-1/2 inch Low stiffness levels provide a very vintage like hand feel. Totally amazing This finished build has a 3 inch bound brim...
  2. Hats Matter

    New Member to the Hat Forum

    I have been following this forum for several years and finally decided to join. I enjoy looking at the new and vintage hats and have learned a great deal. I started purchasing hats after my dermatologist recommended I cover my balding pate after a first bout of skin cancer. I have always...
  3. PanosChris

    FS: VS beaver fedora by Art Fawcett, 56/57

    I might regret that but I need to let some go. One of the last creations of Mr. Art, 100% beaver in whiskey. Vintage wide grossgrain ribbon in mid-dark green with Art's signature bow. Matching brim trims. Comes with original box Worn a couple of times only, like new condition as...
  4. steur

    FS Motsch beaver fedora 7 1/4

    For sale is this wonderful French made Motsch Fils fedora hat in black. Castor Naturel (natural beaver) in a size 58, with the overwelt brim at 6cm and the crown at 10cm at the center dent. Great hand to the felt. Motsch was one of the renowned French hatters. Asking $110 shipped (or PM me if...
  5. K

    Stetson Clear Beaver Quality XXXXXXX (7X) size 7 ⅛

    This hat belonged to my late father-in-law. He died in 1974 aged 83 years so he probably purchased the hat here in Oklahoma City sometime in the 1950s or 1960s. For the past 46 years, it has been in my home stored in the hatbox along with a cedar block. The hat is a Stetson size 7 ⅛ Clear...
  6. Hungry4Hats

    FS: Black Stingy Brim Portis XXX Beaver Size 7 Beautiful Condition!

    I have an absolutely beautiful Stingy Brim Portis for sale! The hat is black, almost dark black, has an amazing purple liner and liner tip, a bound edge, and gold-ish race horse hat pinned to the 2 inch ribbon bow. There is no damage to the felt or the sweatband that I can find, it almost looks...
  7. J

    WTB Monsivais , Cordova + buckaroo Hats , sz-60cm

    Hello Im looking to buy bakerboy caps , western style , hombergs/fedoras or any other high quality hats to suit 60 cm head , 61cm will also do. any high end brand and styles will be considered. I just missed out on the 'there will be blood buckaroo hat' here in the classifieds , so I thought id...
  8. T

    100% beaver hat bodies

    Hello guys! I’m looking for a few hat bodies that are 100% beaver. I’m looking for a few that have a larger brim. I have talked to Winchester and they aren’t taking any new orders right now. I’m willing to order soon. Thanks for all your help!
  9. IR MadCow

    For Sale: Vintage Resistol "Cross Plains" 7 1/8 Long Oval Hat

    Never worn Resistol "Cross Plains" self-conforming silver hat. Currently shaped for western, but can be reshaped into fedora. Saw a successful example of this sold here. Needs reshaping regardless though. 7 1/8 long oval, 3X beaver. Hat is in superb condition. Marked as sold at the Klamath...

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