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Dress Beaver - 100x - 95 gram

The Color - Pale Whale - full pounce finish, is a pale blue with grey undertone
[C] crown spec., average height 5-1/2 inch
Brims are 3-1/2 inch

Low stiffness levels provide a very vintage like hand feel. Totally amazing

This finished build has a 3 inch bound brim and sports a beautiful vintage ribbon

The finished build is one on many that were built during our 25 day, business branding - hatmaker apprenticeship workshop. More to come, thanks for your small business support.

We worked long hours, we built a small team and we forged a relationship with FEPSA for our distributorship in USA/North America.

We would like to begin sharing the Colours of FEPSA, which are available only at Pure Beaver Hat Supply.

We are placing our orders now, for our 2023 distribution schedule, we are in week 10 with orders

Attention Business Owners of hat shops big and small.

Contact Tim or Lisa through email, our call or text our business phone, 570-578-9258 [no voice mail]

Now is the time to order bulk units for your business. How many felt does your business need to survive? We get them made to order, crown height, brim width, weights, brim stiffness, crown stiffness. Accepting new clients now. We have inventory now.

Beginning January 2023 will import 11,750 hat bodies. Importing 250 hat bodies weekly over 47 weeks schedule.

Dress Weight - Western weight - 180 gram short brims 4.5 inch - Beaver 100x - Beaver/Mink - 6x Beaver w/Argentinian Wild Hare and Rabbit 6% Beaver content, 220 gram - 250 gram - OLD WEST TALL CROWNS 7 inch tall with 6 inch brims

Instagram @purebeaverhatsupply
Website very soon: www.purebeaverhatsupply.com


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More of our beautiful colours - 95g.

WE ALSO STOCK THE SAME COLORS IN 100x RABBIT 115/120 grams - depending on felt color; they are made to same specs.


All of our colours will be available in any quality you need, any crown height needed, any brim width needed, BUT you must call to discuss your needs, and plan accordingly for your 2023 needs.

Front: Brown Sugar
Middle: Chestnut
Back: Flagstone
Left: Dark Brown
Right: Iron

We find the old Gibson's to really help us market the colors of the felts and hope you enjoy them also.

Thank you


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See hat blank on post #2

Chestnut Color
Beaver 100x 95g

Burgundy Binding
Vintage Dark Coffee Brown Main Band
Purple V shaped bow keeper highlight.
ES-347TD Cherry Burst to help pop the colors

The felts and trimmings, available at Pure Beaver !
We move end of December to the new warehouse and business office.
Proud to supply all your hat making needs.


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Spectacular colours, they look very fine. Nice hats, too, loving the flagstone and chestnut ones.
Thank you. The felts are very fine indeed. Please, let your favorite hatmaker know which FEPSA colour you'd like to be seen in next!

Thank you too, for the work compliments on the finished hats. We had a client in for a 25 day advanced hat maker one-on-one apprenticeship, which includes a full business branding. We made 16 Dandy hats.

11,750 units/2023 schedule

Spread the word - Pure Beaver Hat Supply - Your One Stop Shop, for the best products the industry has to offer.
Launching very soon....
Another fantastic color from FEPSA. Just a note about colors: FEPSA colors are numerically assigned, ex. 0.123

We then call that numerical color, a name, and is from our perspective.

Color - Buck Skin [ restocking soon /2023 ]

Finished product shown today was created during a 5 day, One-on-One, hands on hat making workshop.

This client came to us over Easter week, 2022. He traveled from his home in The Netherlands for the ultimate hatmaker experience.

We are accepting bookings now, for our 2023 Hatmaker Class scheduling. Classes can be modified to your needs, and will be conducted from our new location on Rotary Drive in the Can-Do Industrial Park, West Hazleton, PA. 18222

Lodging is available within 1 mile of our location. Also, an Air B-B located in Zions-Grove, last booked for 100.00 a night [16 miles from location] is farm house on 100 acres nestled within the beautiful rolling hills of North East Pennsylvania.

www.purebeaverhatsupply.com [ PBHS will be Internet live-very soon]



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We have requested to be a paying, supportive advertising customer of FL and to have our thread moved back to the Hats thread.

We hope to clear this up this week and share more product very soon, back in the Hats thread.

Meanwhile 700 units of western weight arrived yesterday.

They are 4% Beaver with Rabbit blending. Special Pounce 600 finish applied.

Brim Stiffness 6,0
Crown Stiffness 5,0

Colors are

Flagstone, Bone, Silverbelly, Fawn and Lite Coco [ which a few shades darker than the Camel color we are familiar with]

Darks: At this time

20 colors offered in 2023, various Qualities and weights.

Initial website launch with current product in the next 10 days


www.purebeaverhatsupply.com [ live soon]
One of our regular colors is, Iron. It is a brownish grey tone, and it leans towards a Pecan color.
Beaver 100x currently available in 95 gram dress weight. Serving Hatmakers and the hobbyist world wide.
Ask your favorite hatmaker to make your next best hat with the best the world has to offer. Make yours with FEPSA, only at PBHS.

Serving the industry, big business/small business, shop Pure Beaver for the finest 100x and Blends


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