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  1. steur

    SOLD Borsalino Debrosan Bismuto fedora hat size 60 ( 7 1/2)

    Borsalino Debrosan in bismuto colour. Size 60 with the stitched edge brim 6,5cm and the crown at 11cm at the center dent. Qualitá extra finissima and weighs 110 grams. The brim treatment on this is really lovely. Asking $165 shipping included Paypal only
  2. steur

    FS Borsalino Milan straw hat size 59 (7 3/8)

    Borsalino Milan straw. Size 59 with the brim at 5cm and the crown at 11cm. I hardly ever see milan straws by any brand over here, let alone by Borsalino. Nice lightweight summer hat at 92 grams. Asking $150 shipping included Paypal only
  3. steur

    FS: Borsalino Lightweight size 7 3/8 (European 59)

    Selling this Borsalino fedora in black. Punti size 6 (American 7 3/8) or size 59 with the stitched brim at 5cm and the crown at 10cm at the center dent. Super lightweight, unlined and vented. Weighing only 65 grams (with leather sweatband) it is an ancestor to the 50 grammi hats Borsalino has in...
  4. Spats McGee

    Help with {date or identify} a hat please.....!

    This ebay auction is now closed, so I don't think this violates the No Live Auction Rule. Bartenders, if I'm wrong, please accept my apologies. I saw this hat on eBay and watched it until it closed. I know it's a Stetson fedora. Does it have a more precise model name than that? It's not...
  5. tangecon

    Johnny Depp Fedora

    Hi there! I'm looking to buy a Johnny Depp style fedora. Any recommendations? Will also buy used Stetsons, Borsalino & Akubras! Looking for 7 1/4 58cm
  6. steur

    FS Borsalino bowler/derby hat size 7 3/8 (fits like 7 1/4)

    For sale is this pre-war beautiful deep black furfelt bowler/derby/coke hat by Borsalino. Classic bowler or "bombetta" model called "Rizzo" by Borsalino. Bound brim at 5,5 cm. In very good condition with only light scuffing of the edge binding. Size 59 (6 punti, English size 7 1/4 and American...
  7. J

    dozens of old vintage hats fedora stetson la salle Berg Townway Cantors Knox New York Dobbs Fifth

    dozens of old vintage hats fedora stetson la salle Berg Townway Cantors Knox New York Dobbs Fifth avenue Buckley English Bowler Barcelona Borsalino Beaver and more... these are for sale and listed on eBay item number:294270936717 and from there you can view sellers other items and search "hat".
  8. PanosChris

    FS: Borsalino Fedora, size 59

    Borsalino Fedora, size 59 in rare Morello color 85 euros plus shipping. Send PM for more info, thanks
  9. Marc mndt

    FS camel Borsalino fedora size 58

    For sale is this beautiful Borsalino Fedora. Camel with cognac ribbon. No damages, no stains, no odor. The hat is in excellent condition. Size 58, fits true to size. €80 buyer pays shipping costs.(Shipping from Europe)
  10. steur

    FS Borsalino Suprema Bismuto size 60 (7 1/2 American)

    For sale is this lovely Borsalino Suprema fedora in Bismuto color. Bound brim at 5,5cm and crown 10cm at the center dent. Hat dates from the early sixties. Asking $ 120 Shipping to the US is $30
  11. Diego Mannino

    BORSALINO Anello (Brown) Size 63 - FOR SALE

    I purchased this hat at JJ Hat Center in NYC about 5 years ago. It's in great condition with no stains or holes. The crown is 5" at its highest point and the black band is 1 5/8". I don't wear it anymore because it was too big for me from the get go. I've attached a photo of the receipt so you...
  12. steur

    FS Borsalino Agave 7 1/4 fedora

    If you're treating yourself, why not get this one as well: Borsalino Agave, which is a colour that eludes me in my colourblindness (beige with green and mustard tones?). Qualitá Suprema, size 58 (feels true to size) with the bound/raw brim at 5,5cm and the crown at 10cm at the center dent...
  13. steur

    FS Borsalino Azoico 7 1/4 fedora

    Treat yourself to something nice. On offer is this: Borsalino Azoico, which is a blueish grey. Qualitá Suprema, size 58 (but runs somewhat small) with the bound/raw brim at 5,5cm and the crown at about 11cm at the center dent. Lightweight hat with just 90 grams on the scale. Apart from the...
  14. deadlyhandsome

    Borsalino Marque Grand Luxe brown fedora **SOLD

    Borsalino Marque Grande Luxe 5X soft short velour fedora. The open crown is 4 1/2 inches and the overwelted brim is two (2) inches wide. Excellent condition all the way around. The size is 5 1/2 Punti or approximately 7 1/4 US. Outside/natural light show the true color. $80 shipped to...
  15. steur

    Borsalino fedora in misto gris fer size 61

    Borsalino Export Qualität gran lusso in misto gris fer in a size 61. Bound brim at 4,5cm and crown 10,5 cm at the center dent. Cloth ribbon called "Diba" on this one and it is unreeded with the corrugated construction in the front, which is quite unusual for European market hats. The felt is...
  16. steur

    Borsalino Marque Grand Luxe fedora in grey size 7-7 1/8

    Borsalino Marque Grand Luxe in Amiata colour. Size 57 with the raw edge brim at 5cm and crown 10,5cm at the center dent. These Marque Grand Luxe are what it says on the tin: very luxurious. It's a chamois finish, the hand of the felt is fabulous and it shapes with no effort at all. Early to...
  17. steur

    Dark brown Borsalino Como fedora size 61

    Borsalino Como in dark brown in a size 61 (French size 7). Stitched edge brim at 6,5cm and crown 11,5cm at the center dent. Originally sold by JJ Hat center. Custom liner added by Penumbra Hat Co. Asking $125 shipped.
  18. steur

    Borsalino Trionfo Morello fedora size 7-7 1/8

    Borsalino Trionfo in morello colour, which is a very dark brown with some cherry tones to it. Size 57 with the overwelt brim at 4,8cm and the crown at 11cm at the center dent. Longhaired finish and the hand of the felt is spectacular. Don't see many Trionfo line Borsalinos in the vintage stores...
  19. VintageWriting

    '50s Borsalino 'Gorasgu' Fedora, Brown, 7 3/8

    Bound-edge brim about 2 1/4 inch, unreeded sweatband with corrugated front section. Chocolate brown color 'Folco'. Felt is in great condition with no damage. The sweatband is torn at the back next to the seam, and there are a couple of spots where the stitching has popped out. The wide ribbon...
  20. AbridgedPause

    3 Vintage Stingy Brim Fedoras (Borsalino, Resistol, Biltmore)

    Pictures at bottom (more can be taken on request). Asking $75 plus shipping for all 3. Willing to consider any type of offer or trade with other hat(s). I wear a size 7 and really need 2-1/2 inch brims or wider. Prefer to sell all 3 as a bundle (the price is right) but I'm willing to work...

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