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brim shaping

  1. travelinmason

    First Post: Stetson Open Road Question

    Hello, I'm brand new to the forum and this is my first post. I suppose I'm like everyone here and I have a high degree of appreciation for the art and function of hats. My question for the board is: I have a 6X Stetson Open Road and I am thinking about putting a slight cowboy shape in the...
  2. Edw8ri

    Akubra questions

    What is the difference between the Adventurer and the Federation? Thanks.
  3. Cherrymoon

    Flange stand

    Looking for a antique flange stand.
  4. dragonaxe

    Reshaping a wool Fedora

    Hi folks Are the techniques for reshaping the brim and crease on a wool/fur Fedora the same as a fur one? I've been researching steaming and bashing on the net, and they all show fur hats being converted. So, I'm wondering if I should use the same methods on my wool/fur crushable? cheers
  5. bobkeenan

    Anyone ever use a plastic hat shaper from hatshapers.com?

    I have a hatshaper coming from hatshapers.com. I got it for the brim shaping part. I have some hat molds and a stretcher but they only are for crown shaping. I have been looking for an old hat brim flange but have not found one yet so I Thought I would try this. It looks like the brim...

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