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  1. C

    Looking for used Shell Cordovan Belts (Sz 38,Non-Color 8) (Alden/Highland/C&J/etc.)

    Hi folks! I'm looking for shell cordovan belts, Sz. 38" or thereabouts (36" pant waist size) Color: Anything besides Burgundy/Color 8 (Cigar, Ravello, Whiskey etc.) Maker: Open to non Alden Shell (Alden/Highlands/C&J etc.) Condition: negotiable! I'm good getting the deer bone out haha...
  2. D

    Lightweight Jacket Options - California Weather

    Hello, new member here :) *I tried to search before creating this, so if a dup thread forgive me* leather jackets have always been my passion, and I always had those very cheap fake leather in the past because I couldnt afford a nice legit leather jacket Recently I pulled the trigger and in...
  3. tangecon

    WANTED: Indiana Jones Fedora

    Hey there! I'm looking to purchase an Indiana Jones fedora sz 58cm. Does anybody have an extra they can sell? Raiders or Crystal Skull style. Preferably AdVintage. Let me know!
  4. J

    Black Friday sheepskin advise

    Hi, Please, share, where would you expect interesting Black Friday offers on sheepskin male jackets? Thanks a lot!
  5. K

    WTB: Searching for CLINCH Yeager Boot 10US

    I know this is going to be a super long shot but I gotta give it a shot right? Searching for CLINCH Yeager Boot 10US, other model are welcome too. please send me your offer!!!
  6. Motocann

    Mr. Freedom Campus Jacket Stallion LTB

    I'm looking to for a Mr. freedom Campus Jacket Stallion in size 36. I might be able to do a 38. If anyone out there has one they're interested in selling. Thanks!

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