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  1. C

    Help! Getting rid of smells on leather

    I picked up a lightly used recent Schott horsehide jacket. It’s nice, but has a really strong smell. Not smoke, not leathery scent, but almost like some kind of cleaning product that’s very strong and perfumy. If I wear for long, starts making me a little woozy. My 2 questions: - Is this...
  2. J

    Anyone buy work boots and then wonder whether they like them too much to work in?

    Hello Loungers. I'm currently working on my first jacket renovation (thread to follow), after being sucked into the murky world of high end jackets here (couldn't justify buying something new, and sizing is a big unknown, soooo.) However, that aside, I thought I'd introduce myself with a...
  3. L

    Is it possible to wash 100% Wool pants at home?

    I bought a pair of wool pants from Banana Republic: Tapered Perfect Flannel Dress Pant They're 100% wool cut from fine Italian wool flannel. They were on sale and sadly in my excitement I didn't notice the details on washing them which says they need to be dry cleaned. Unfortunately I don't...
  4. R

    Simmons Bilt Cordovan Leather Jacket with problems

    I have bought this jacket from a seller on eBay. When it arrived it smells of washing powder, I contacted the seller about this and he assured me that it has never been in a washing machine and has been dry cleaned. The inside of the collar appears to be a different shade to the rest of the...
  5. spectre_general

    Help rescuing dirty hat!

    Hey folks! Using this forums generous knowledge, I have been able to clean my Adventurebilt fedora several times over the 13 years I've been wearing it. But this last time has broken me. I know I'm doing something wrong. I tried steam and sponging with naphtha, that didn't help the...
  6. P

    Cleaning spots, stains and soiling from felt hats

    Question about cleaning I have an older Biltmore felt fedora that has a few spots and I would like to clean it using a dry cleaning solvent, "Afta", which is recommended for cleaning clothing and furs. I plan to submerge the hat in solvent and let it air dry. My question is, what do I do...
  7. S

    Electric Razor cleaning solution?

    Hello all! Although most of my wardrobe and appliances, and cars are from last century, my electric razor is pretty top notch. I have a self cleaning Philips Norelco shaver that gives me the smoothest shave I've ever had. Smoother than my old safety razor, it sounds crazy I know. I keep a pretty...

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