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cockpit usa

  1. D

    Cockpit USA Navy Carrier Pilot's G-1 Jacket

    Does anyone have any opinions and/or experience with Cockpit USA’s Navy Carrier Pilot's G-1 Jacket? I think they used to call this their Forrestal G-1. I have their 100 Mission G-1 (their fur collar version of this), Mil-spec G-1, Top Gun G-1, and 21st Century USAF A-2 jackets. I also have an...
  2. Z

    Cockpit U.S.A. AN-J-4 Jacket

    Hi guys! New to the forum, but for the last number of months I've been looking for 'the one' shearling jacket that I'll have for life and I think I've found it. The Cockpit U.S.A. AN-J-4 (link). Only thing I'd have them change (if possible) is maybe going with a silver zipper instead of gold...
  3. Darylh

    Gibson & Barnes Civil USN G-1 leather flight jacket new condition Dark Brown Goatskin 44

    Offering my Civil issue Gibson and Barnes G-1 for sale to lounge members. This is a recent issue and has only been tried on a few times at home so it's in pretty much as-new condition. The leather is very soft and supple and the workmanship is outstanding. I've read a couple of the threads on...
  4. Lawless

    WTB Cockpit USA BLACK Mil Spec G-1 sz 44

    I know its a shot in the dark but I'm new here and thought I'd give it a whirl. Heres a link to what I'm talking about at Legendary USA https://www.legendaryusa.com/Cockpit-Mens-USN-Submariner-G-1-Leather-Flight-Jacket.html
  5. T

    Sizing of B-3 Shearlings, specifically Avirex

    Hi people, so I've been actively searching for a thick B-3 for over a year now. I've bought a total of 3 but none of them fit correct so I had to sell them all. I'm pretty desperate at this point as I don't want to spend more than 5-600 Dollars considering I come from Germany and have to pay tax...
  6. kliffjumper123

    Looking for an A-2 (Help)

    Hello all, I'm somewhat new to the whole leather jacket and flight jacket world and subsequently need some help. I currently own a Cooper/US Wings Flying Tigers commemorative jacket in Seal Brown. What I'm looking for is a lighter shade, not necessarily a Russet but more of a ww2 coloration in...
  7. nkang

    FS: Cockpit USA A-2 Size 42 1987 Reissue

    For sale is my go-to beater, a Cockpit USA A-2 jacket size 42 Reissue style. Comes with tags. Fits up to a 44'' chest but is ideal for 42'' or smaller. Nice cut and looks very authentic. I have owned it for 2 years but after careful consideration, I decided to only keep my AVI G1 jacket as my...
  8. nkang

    Cockpit USA A-2 Jacket Cotton size Large

    Cleaning my wardrobe: I bought this Cockpit USA A-2 cotton jacket last spring and have used it only a couple of times. The jacket is size L and runs a bit big. It fits a chest 44'' or 46''. Selling it only because my chest size is 42'' and the sleeves are a bit long for me. Made of 100% cotton...
  9. nkang

    Cockpit-USA 21st Century A-2 Jacket size 42

    Selling a beautiful Cockpit USA U.S.A.F. 21st Century A-2 jacket. Pictures are up on Ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/253431523993 Will terminate Ebay sales if a deal is made here on Fedora. I bought this jacket from Cockpit USA in April 2017 but have only worn it for 2 months in 2018. Decided...
  10. nkang

    Cockpit U.S.A.F. 21st Century A-2 Jacket Size 42

    Hi I'm selling my Cockpit USA 21st Century A-2 Jacket as it's a bit large for me. It's literally brand new as I wore it only once and have been hanging it on a nice hanger. It smells still of the fresh leather scent and has no visible wrinkles from usage. Selling for £285 plus shipping. Within...

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