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  1. Jsparks49

    Vintage wrangler jacket selvedge denim size 42

    Pretty cool vintage wrangler denim jacket with tons of life left in it. It’s the perfect shade of blue and has the selvedge placket. Marked as size 42/44. measurements: P2P-22” Shoulders-19” Waist size -20” Sleeve -26” $250 shipped within US obo.
  2. S

    Western boots fit?

    Hello all, I generally don't wear Western wear, however a few of my friends are 'country' and I enjoy having a nice outfit it two no matter the destination. I have plenty of nice jeans, picked up a great 6X Beaver hat for a song, but am having the darnedest time trying to find boots that got...
  3. D00R

    Looking for hat information?

    Im not sure if its a Stetson Borsolino Selentino I was hoping this forum could help me find the hat im looking for.
  4. sunnynature22

    Two old hand formed "Boss of the Plains" style hats. Feedback Welcome.

    Today I found two old, handmade, hand-formed hats. I think the style is called Stetson "Boss of the Plains" but there are no labels. They have a gaucho cowboy "feel". I'm guessing they were probably from the 1800s. They are stiff. I found them in the same recycling spot where I found some very...

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