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denim jacket

  1. Geekrobot

    FS: Vintage ca 1960s Lee Storm Rider 101LJ Denim Jacket - Troy Mills Lining Original

    Hi FL friends, I have for sale a size 36 regular vintage Lee Storm Rider 101 LJ denim / jean jacket. Overall it's in great shape for a ~60 year old jacket! Asking $650 USD Paypal F&F shipped in the US, international shipping please contact me. Available locally in NYC / NJ. I bought it in 2019...
  2. A

    Denim Jackets: PBJ Type 2 (dbl indigo) / TCB Catboy (Lee Cowboy model)

    Ok folks let's get these sold quick. PBJ $200 USD / TCB $180 USD. First up, Pure Blue Japan double indigo type 2 in size 4 (translates to size 44, pretty much, see measurements below). Classic PBJ slubbiness. Minimal wear, approximately 1 month. Only selling since I've bought a size up after...
  3. Ole K. Vik

    Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse Lot64 MD size 40

    Putting this up for sale. Beautiful selvedge denim jacket from MisterFreedom. Light fades slowly starting to show. This one fits a bit boxy, shorter at he waist. I am 183cm tall and 84kgs and this jacket fits me well, and as I said a boxy traditional fit. Please see sizing chart for...
  4. Ole K. Vik

    FSOT Mister Freedom Ranch Blouse Lot64 MD, size 40

    I would like to sell or trade my MF Ranch Blouse Lot64 MD size 40. Interested in other denim jackets size 42(40) from MF, The Flat Head or otherwise open to suggestions. Sizing: Shoulder: 50cm Chest: 55cm Back Length: 58cm Arm length: 60cm Asking 255USD shipped
  5. Arie

    FS: Warehouse Wool A-1 size 40, 2001XX Duck Digger Type I Denim Jacket size 40

    Some more things I need to get rid of unfortunately due to sizing: 1. Warehouse Olive Melton Wool A-1 Bomber, size 40. Great condition. Chest 21.26 in / 54 cm Length 24.41 in / 62 cm Shoulders 18.9 in / 48 cm Sleeve Length 24.02 in / 61 cm Asking price: 600$ 2. Warehouse 2001XX Duck Digger...
  6. Bahabp100

    Levi’s (Mostly) size XXL (Mostly) Denim Trucker Jackets Priced to sell

    Variety of Trucker Jacket Sized XXl Fits ranging to a Large XL to a Large XXL. All measurements and prices in pictures below
  7. M

    a BUNCH of nice clothes and jackets from Pure Blue Japan, Ironheart, Unbranded and Schott

    All clothes are like new. First person to offer(and pay) $1,500 gets it all :) Pure Blue Japan indigo sashiko type II(indigo) size Med Schott slim fit 928J bomber size small(blue) Schott slim fit 928J bomber size small(black) Ironheart IH-526J-22 22oz raw denim Type III jacket size 40 THREE...
  8. Jsparks49

    Vintage wrangler jacket selvedge denim size 42

    Pretty cool vintage wrangler denim jacket with tons of life left in it. It’s the perfect shade of blue and has the selvedge placket. Marked as size 42/44. measurements: P2P-22” Shoulders-19” Waist size -20” Sleeve -26” $250 shipped within US obo.
  9. Trystero

    Lookin' for a Storm Rider

    Hi all, Thought I'd ask the brains trust... I'm looking for a high quality Storm Rider repro, are there any current makers that you'd recommend? Current front runner is the Studio d'Artisan Ranch Jacket. Thanks! Tom
  10. Tyler Durden


    I have been torn about selling these pieces but think it’s time to send these off to someone who’ll wear them. This also allows me to justify buying new things... Made in Japan. RRL Trucker sz. Large $300 RRL Pants sz. 33/34 $200 Made in USA: *Pre 90’s before production went abroad. *...
  11. MemphisBlues

    WTB: Iron Heart 21oz Jacket

    I know IH has their own forum, but I figured I would try here since there is more jacket aficionados. Anyway, I'm being cheap. What I want is available through IH, but I was curious if anyone happened to have anything XXL or XXXL sized they are looking to move? I'm very partial to the 101J...

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