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eastman jacket for sale

  1. B

    For Sale: Eastman Leather Type B-3 50. Cal Size 48

    Hi everyone I am selling my Eastman B-3 50.Cal size 48 - comes with original tags. It was a stopgap jacket i've managed to obtain a new one, additionally size 48 is simply too large for me. It had some light use last winter - 12-15 wears in total. Condition: condition is excellent, there...
  2. D

    Seeking for a great A2 jacket

    Hello everyone I am somehow new in here! And I enjoy very much the site! I would like to ask advices about the best A2 jacket to get. I used to wear a Werber Eastman leather A2 jacket for about 2 years but that beauty was way too big for me (an actual size 44 as I am more a size 40 or 42). The...
  3. nkang

    FS: Eastman B-10 Rough Wear Jacket Size 40

    For sale is a beautiful Eastman B-10 Jacket size 40 in excellent condition (pics below) that I purchased from another Eastman lover 2 months ago. It has an additional patch of the legendary 9th Air Force on the right shoulder. The jacket has only seen one winter and I personally have only worn...
  4. TheGerman

    Eastman Hartmann jacket up for trade // Hello to the community!

    Hello ladies and gentleman! At first I would like to invite myself. My name is Philipp and Iam from Germany. Iam a fresh new member of this forum and glad to be now a part of it. I recognized this forum a while ago by checking out some product fotos and to get some information about flight...

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