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  1. J

    dozens of old vintage hats fedora stetson la salle Berg Townway Cantors Knox New York Dobbs Fifth

    dozens of old vintage hats fedora stetson la salle Berg Townway Cantors Knox New York Dobbs Fifth avenue Buckley English Bowler Barcelona Borsalino Beaver and more... these are for sale and listed on eBay item number:294270936717 and from there you can view sellers other items and search "hat".
  2. A

    Vintage Worth and Worth Fur Fedora, 59, Made in France $150

    Purchased new from the now-defunct Worth and Worth LTD in Manhattan, late 80s. never really worn (12+) as I had bought a size too large. Chocolate brown fur in pristine condition. Recently steamed and brushed by local hatter. You can see from brim shot, this is a stiff and formal (heavy)...
  3. JeffOYB

    Fur hats on ebay this winter? Looking thin!

    I've been trying to find the beaver-ish fur trooper hat that's right for me on ebay for the past 10 yrs. I've even gotten into buying and selling a dozen hats in my quest. Mink, muskrat, beaver -- any would be fine. I have yet to find the right one for me. I noticed something weird so far this...
  4. B

    Identifying top hat material and construction question

    Hello! I'm getting married in 6 weeks and will be wearing a morning coat. I'm in the market for a top hat and need to know how to tell a silk plush hat from a fur hat. As well, silk hats are plush shellacked over a cloth shell; can anyone tell me what sort of cloth is generally used and if...
  5. 007

    Question on hat bodies

    Reading all these threads about custom beaver hats always whets my appetite for a deluxe hat. If it wasn't for the year wait I would probably sign up for an Adventurebilt. Am I correct in believing that Fedora gets his hat bodies from Winchester Hat co in Tennessee, and that this company is...
  6. T

    Remove Pet Hair from Oilskin Duster

    Hello, I recently purchased a new oilskin duster after wanting one for many years. It didn't take long for me to notice that it picks up dog hair/fur from my two dogs with ease, and it does not release it with my normal lint remover. My question is, what do you use to remove dog hair from...

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