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  1. M

    Goodwear Indiana Jones jacket 44/46

    Just wanted to see if there was any serious interest in my Goodwear Indiana Jones leather jacket. I’m happy to let it go for the right price. It’s in a wonderful soft horse hide with lots of grain and character. The drape is just amazing. I think this is one off. It’s cut to fit loose and...
  2. M

    FS Goodwear Willis $ Geiger m422 size 42

    Amazing m422 jacket by goodwear. Dark brown goatskin, vintage mouton collar looks and feels so plush. It’s an absolute please to wear. I waited a long time for this one but have decided it’s not quite my style. I know I will regret selling this. Oh well the hobby continues. It’s practically new...
  3. M

    FS Goodwear 1933 Werber A2 size 44

    Hi everyone, Up for sale is a catch and release. Only tried on but unfortunately a little too big. Wonderful russet color Italian horse hide with lots of nice grain. Quite light and easy to wear. I believe this was the second contract by Werber. Has lots of cool details making it a very unique...
  4. M

    Good Wear Star Sports A2 size 42 fits 44s

    Hello, I’m reluctantly selling this beauty but could use the money. John made this for me in April this year. It’s not even been worn outside the house. Practically brand new with some minor scuffs here and there. All knits are nice and itchy and the leather is soft pliable but still...
  5. H

    B6 Shearling - 46 - Good Wear - John Chapman made

    I received this beautiful got this jacket from @Jejupe and am reselling it. I'm US based and am just looking for what I paid 1250€ ($1350). He did a great job describing it. I believe this was 1 of only 3 made. "For sale is my rare gem: a B6 I picked up from John Chapman of Good wear in person...
  6. M

    FS Good Wear Perry A2 Shinki Russet 46

    Selling an absolute beauty here. Dull orange lining, dull reddish thread, Cognac Shinki horse hide. Unbroken, leather and lining is in top top shape. Couple of small holes in the knits and a few wear marks here and there but Other than that it looks new. We all know the quality and wait time on...
  7. M

    SOLD FS Goodwear RW 18091 Russt Goat 44

    Selling this beauty as it’s ever so slightly too big for me. Barely worn condition and a almost new. Probably the comfiest jacket I’ve tried on. The drape is amazing and the leather is very soft and light weight. Great spring summer jacket. Ive posted a link to the jacket. This is THE actual...
  8. M

    FS GOODWEAR Dubow 20960 size 48 fits 44/46

    Hi all, Selling this beauty in Russett HH as it’s a little to big for me. I’m usually a 42/44 in GW. Super nice hide, lots of character. Wonderful crown zip. Knits and interior are in great condition. This was made for a customer I believe who requested measurements and wanted the 48 tag for...
  9. M

    Good Wear Rough Wear A2 23380 size 42

    Hi folks, Selling this beauty as it’s a little to small for me. It was made in spring 2020 by JC and has been worn twice for a few hours. Basically new condition. Its a gorgeous Italian horsehide russet that with wear and age beautifully showing a lighter color on the high spots. It looks...
  10. thekiyote

    GoodWear Leather - 1939 Werber A-2 (new)

    So, John is alive. I just received a custom Werber 1939 A-2 from him. For those of you who are curious, I've been on his waiting list since April 2017, when I first started looking at getting a new leather jacket. I ended up ordering an Aero Wayfairer, but John's name was thrown around a lot...
  11. BilleeW

    My latest A-2

    This is a Goodwear Type A-2 Drawing No. 30-1415 J.A. Dubow MFG CO. Chicago, ILL. Horshide,Size 46. Has a 74th FS Patch hand painted to match the last photo an actual picture of a real patch from WWII. Ths CBI shoulder patch is the real deal bought from a personal friend of Robert Scott Jr.
  12. D

    WTS GOODWEAR MONARCH A-2 /size 42 (approx)

    Updated: updated back length and sleeve measurements, decreased price to 600, plus more pics (repro talon zip in ideal condition, snaps, and to show leather color better) Want to sell my Goodwear a-2 Monarch contract, historical correct build (well as John recommended) Reddish-brown Japanese...
  13. lina

    New (to me) Himel Bros/Goodwear Californian

    Just got this very slightly used Californian, which was the prototype for the new Himel Bros/Goodwear collaboration. Naturally, most of you will recognize it from a regular poster here, who graciously talked me through various jacket issues and was willing to let this one go at a fair price...

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