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  1. AlanC

    Ebay Hats: Victories, Defeats, Gripes & Items of Interest

    As I know some of you can't resist cruising ebay for hats, I thought an ongoing thread where we can brag about a great deal, complain about skyrocketing prices or pointing out a rarity that was, sadly, not in your size but might be of interest to others **Fedora Lounge policy now permits the...
  2. S

    White spots from stiffener

    Hello everyone, I just made my first hat, and it has some really bad white spots and discoloration, I believe from the stiffener. I used dewaxed shellac flakes in alcohol. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting rid of it, or ideas what caused it?
  3. I

    ID on Mr. Pitts Leather Jacket?

    Hey yall, someone on reddit recommended me this site & upon further research I believe yall can help me out (even though what I'm asking is kinda a strech). I've been trying to find the leather jacket Brad Pitt wore in his 1997 film "The Devil's Own" (or something that's basically identical). I...
  4. Hats Matter

    New Member to the Hat Forum

    I have been following this forum for several years and finally decided to join. I enjoy looking at the new and vintage hats and have learned a great deal. I started purchasing hats after my dermatologist recommended I cover my balding pate after a first bout of skin cancer. I have always...
  5. Helena Grace

    In Search Of Hollywood Patterns 517

    I am not sure if I I post it here, but it seems right. I am looking for the Hollywood Pattern 517, of Linda Hayes. As long as it has most of the pieces I am not picky about quality. I don't care about size since I'm going to have to rework it anyway - I just want a basis. Any help would be...
  6. DorKlonn

    Freewheelers Horsehide Tear - Repair Recommendations

    Hi everyone! I just first of all want to thank you all for being a wealth of information, unfortunately my lurking days are done and I wanted to get all your takes on it before I proceed. A few days ago when I was wearing my jacket I must have over stretched the arm or something because at the...
  7. BotanPhotography

    Need help recalling a brand

    I remember sometime two years ago checking out a brand that was touted to make "true" motorcycle jackets, in that they made the jackets out of heavy FQHH CXL. I can't seem to recall the brand anymore, if I remember correctly they were based in America and semi-custom and they had a webpage that...
  8. Helena Grace

    Scalloped Stratton Compact with Cream Enamel - searching for

    This is not something I am selling - I am in fact looking for it. I apparently cannot post in any of the other forums though, and I don't know where else to turn to to try to find it so....here goes. If anyone can help, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! I have uploaded a picture of...
  9. D00R

    Looking for hat information?

    Im not sure if its a Stetson Borsolino Selentino I was hoping this forum could help me find the hat im looking for.
  10. rustles

    A2 flight jacket Leather patch help

    Hey everyone I do appreciate everyone's advice regarding jacket designs for my A2 jacket. I did finalize one design i'm gonna go with and I really would appreciate your help with this. I found out my grandfather was in the 1st weather reconnaissance squadron during WW2 and I looked up if they...
  11. rustles

    Finding leather blood chits for an A2 flight jacket

    Hey everyone, I decided to buy a cooper a2 flight jacket on ebay and I want to make it into a chine Burma flight jacket from ww2. I'm having trouble finding a good leather blood chit for the jacket, and I am wondering fi any of you happen to know where I can find a good priced leather blood chit...
  12. SwingPrincess

    Pin curls coming out!!

    Imagine this: I spend a good two hours painstakingly putting my damp hair into lots and lots of pin curls, wait at least 12 hours for them to properly set, then take ages taking every single pin out of my hair. I brush out the set, and it looks amazing- I could have come straight out of a...
  13. D

    Need help with Aero BR custom sizing!

    So I'm going through Thurston bros for a custom Aero BR order. I'm 6'1", 185lbs, and usually wear size 40R. Shoulder width of 18" on garments fits me PERFECTLY. So I got the fit jacket from Thurston which was a medium weight vicenza and the shoulder width was PERFECT, it was a 40R board...
  14. dragonaxe

    Reshaping a wool Fedora

    Hi folks Are the techniques for reshaping the brim and crease on a wool/fur Fedora the same as a fur one? I've been researching steaming and bashing on the net, and they all show fur hats being converted. So, I'm wondering if I should use the same methods on my wool/fur crushable? cheers
  15. Lefty

    Ask a question, get an answer

    This seems to work on other sites, so I figure that it deserves a shot here. If you've got a quick hat question and don't see a thread for it, just post it here. Whether the question is about cleaning, anatomy of a hat, brands, etc., this is the place. Here's one to break the ice.
  16. D

    Just bought a Knox fedora from a charity shop. Can anyone give me more info about it?

    Morning Gents I just bought a vintage Knox New York blue fedora from a charity shop. Is anyone an expert in knox hats and can give me more info on it? I'm guessing its old due to the label and size (56). Also says made in Japan under license with the codes KMC & 390. Any help would be awesome...
  17. Thnikkaman

    First Aero Jacket - Help!

    Hi all, First thing's first, sorry about the wall of text. But I have a story for you folks. I'll try to keep it brief. My dad wore an Aero leather jacket through the nineties and early two thousands, and when I turned 16, he handed it down to me. I loved it, you couldn't tear me out of that...
  18. N

    Cap Pattern Help Needed

    Hello all, I am looking for some advice on making an 8-panel gatsby/newsboy cap. I have a friend who is a very talented seamstress, and she recently agreed to attempt to make one of these hats for me. We are unable to find a good pattern for one, and we are unsure about what materials to use...

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